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Wedding Hair


Happy, Nervous, Excited

Those are just a few words that describe how you feel on your wedding day. I know for me, I was so excited but nervous and praying that everything went perfect for th

at special day. One thing that I know most brides want PERFECT for that day is their hair. And, Tantrum is just the place to help you.

I want to go through a few things that I did to make sure that I didn’t have to worry about the way my hair looked for my wedding day.

1) I went through blog post, hair websites, pinterest and magazines to find a couple of ideas that I wanted. This helped me to be able to know what I wanted and be able to explain to the stylist the idea of the look that I wanted.

2) You can always make a consultation appointment to talk to your stylist about what you are wanting. This will make sure that they will be able to achieve that look you are going for. Or you can make an appointment for a practice updo to make sure that it’s the perfect updo for you.

*if you are trying to acheive an updo that you may need more hair or longer hair for you can always talk to your sytlist about clip in extensions. Which is what I did to achieve the look that I wanted*

3) Preping you hair for the big day. Always come with it freshly washed and blow-dried. We also reccomend that you use some type of hair product in the hair like root boost, blowdry lotions, or thickening products. This gives your hair texture and makes it easier for the stylist to work with your hair and achieve the look you are wanting.

4) And the best part….coming into Tantrum and relaxing, knowing that your stylist will do a great job on your updo for the BIG day!
























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