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Two Is Better Than One!

Yes I’m talking weddings, but not grooms!  Two different bridal looks for your hair on the big day. These days many brides are breaking old traditions of not allowing the groom to see them in their wedding attire, but getting bridal wedding photos! Many couples, myself and my husband included, wanted to have our bridals done a few weeks early so we wouldn’t be super rushed on the day of the wedding, and also get a few prints to put up as decorations for the reception!  Another situation that is common is that the couple doesn’t always share a home town. So many times there may be two receptions or a reception in one town and an open house in the other town. Either way, this presents a fun opportunity to not settle for one bridal look but choose two entirely different looks!

It’s a common inner battle for many brides when it comes to choosing what to do with their hair on the big day! Some want to show the long flowing curls but also like the idea of a formal updo. Let’s face it, as we get older in life, the opportunities for super formal events requiring updos  don’t come along too often! I think it’s so fun to be albe to get the best of both worlds! Recently one of my best friends Monica was married in Utah, and was also going to be having an open house in Arizona two weeks later! Initially she said for her bridal do she wanted it all down and curled with maybe a little on top pulled back, so for the big day in Utah that’s what she had done, and she looked stunning!

300_7640 300_7651300_7470

When she came to Arizona I had asked her if since she had some pictures already with her hair down and curled if she wanted to do something different for the open house! She decided to try another look and did a classic bridal updo! This totally gave the same bride a whole new look! It was also nice since her open house was the end of June to have all that hair up and off of the neck and out of the way since its pretty hot that time of year! After all the celebrating I asked Monica if she was happy that she did something different and she said yes and replied ” I loved both updos and I couldn’t decide which one i liked better!
300_8168 300_8166 300_8128
Recently my own niece Lindsey got married and she also chose to do some bridal pictures the week before the wedding and she had the same dilemma as many brides…she wanted her hair down and long curls but then she also said,” but I also think an updo would be fun since it is my wedding!” So again I suggested doing both! She just needed to decide which day she wanted which “do!” She decided to do it up for her Bridal shoot pictures which was absolutely beautiful! She was glad to have it out of the way while traveling to a few shoot locations!
IMG_1252  IMG_1255IMG_1254
The day of Lindsey’s wedding she decided to go with her hair down and curled! She was glad not to have her head weighed down with so many bobby pins which can cause a headache for some brides! This was also better on time which is always nice because it feels like there is never enough time to get stuff finished on the big day!  So many times brides are afraid to have a look that’s so different of how they normally style their hair because they still want to feel and look like themselves! She’s so glad she did the two looks, and again got the best of both worlds!
IMG_1260 IMG_1262
Both of these brides looked beautiful in both of their wedding styles! One could say I’m biased but they really are stunningly beautiful women! I’m so glad they decided to switch things up with their bridal looks, and I must say both of the grooms couldn’t stop staring at them either! Just a huge bonus right? I hope more brides are given the opportunity to choose different looks in the future so that they can have a little but of variety while looking amazing!


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