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Tinsel Time

Tinsel Time!
Tantrum Hair Salon is proud to introduce a new trend to the salon, HAIR TINSEL!
Tinsel is a new fun accessory to add to your hair. It is a glitter strand that makes the hair sparkle and pop.
The best part is there are so many different colors to choose from!
You can always mix and match or do holiday colors.
They are great for the upcoming festivities and parties this holdiay season!
Tinsel does not damage the hair and can last from a day or two or up to two weeks and they can be blow dried and heat styled.
Even the celebrities have caught on to the trend!
{Photo Source Here}
{Photo Source Here}
I am in love with Tinsel because there are so many different options and things you can do to spice up your hair.
At only $2 a strand this is an affordable addiction!