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Summer Time Hair Care

Well, it’s that time of year where most of us are spending lots of time in the pool just trying to keep cool in this summer heat. Unfortunately, chlorine can do a real number on your hair, like turning blonde hair green or even stripping away beautiful reds. We want to give you a few ideas on doing your best to reduce the amount of chlorine absorption, as well as a few remedies you can use to restore those healthy, shiny, pleasant smelling beautiful locks.

BEFORE the pool:

Here are a few things you can do before getting in the pool to prevent chlorine build up and keep that beautiful hair color looking its best!

1. Get your hair completely wet before getting in the pool. If you are able to apply conditioner first, that’s even better. Hair is like a sponge, so if you are able to wet and condition your hair first, it will absorb the clean water and conditioner and less of the chlorine.

2. If you are someone who is in the pool on a regular basis or for an extended period of time (i.e.- swim or dive team), wear a swimming cap! Again if you get your hair wet and condition before hand, it’s even better for the hair.

3. If you know you’re going to be spending all day in the sun and/or pool, try to rinse or wash your hair between swimming sessions. It is actually the copper content in most pool chlorines that causes the reaction in the hair, turning it green and stripping or fading out hair color. Sitting in the sun bakes this into the hair, increasing the strength of the copper and making it harder to remove.

4. Wear a hat and keep the hair covered and dry.

 REMOVING chlorine:

Here are a few healthy at home remedies you can use to remove chlorine from the hair and skin.

1. For the average swimmer, showering, washing and conditioning the hair immediately after swimming will be an effective way to prevent and remove chlorine build up. It’s even more effective to use a specific shampoo designed for swimmers available at Tantrum Hair Salon, such as Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo. Chlorine dehydrates the hair, so always follow up with a great combination of shampoo and conditioner. Combing the conditioner throughout the hair helps the hair to absorb the conditioner more effectively, while rinsing with cool water helps to close the hair down and trap in that amazing moisture.


2. For the swimmer who spends quite a bit of time in the pool and ends up with more severe chlorine build up, apply a vitamin C solution. Since chlorine is an oxidant that reacts with the hair and skin, it can be difficult to remove with simple shampooing and conditioning.

Vitamin C crystals like those found in the Malibu Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner set are very inexpensive.


When using the Malibu Crystals, follow the simple instructions on the packet. If you pick up the crystals in another form – for example, from a health and wellness store – you will dissolve one teaspoon of the Vitamin C crystals into a one-pint spray bottle or a regular size shampoo bottle. Thoroughly apply the solution to the hair, then wash well and rinse or bathe as usual. You will know it worked well if you can no longer smell the chlorine.

3. Baking Soda Solution:  A baking soda solution is great, not only for removing chlorine build-up, but also for other chemicals found in the hard water we have here in Arizona.

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water, or enough to make a paste. Apply thoroughly to your hair and wash. Your hair may feel slimy, but this is actually how you will know it’s working. Rinse out the paste completely, then follow up with a regular shampoo and deep conditioner.

4. If your blonde hair has already turned that weird shade of light green, Tomato Paste is a great way to remove it.

Wash your hair with shampoo as you normally would, then apply a good amount of tomato paste to the hair. Use as much as you need to cover your amount of length and thickness. Comb it through your hair and let it set for 30 min. Then wash the hair thoroughly and deep condition.


Trying these methods along with a great, healthy hair cut from Tantrum Hair Salon will help keep that beautiful head of hair in good shape while you are keeping cool in the pool this summer!


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