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Summer Hairstyles for 2014

Fishtail Milkmaid Braids
Sissy Sissy2
Step 1 : Start with your hair brushed out. Clean or Dirty
Step 2 : Divide your hair into 2 braids, secured with a clear elastic.
Carefully cut the elastic off at the start of your braid and pull on your braid for more of a messy look.
Step 3 : Pull one braid over to the other ear and secure with a bobby pin.
Step 4 : Pull the second braid over the first one pulling the ends towards the back of head. Secure with a bobby pin.
Step 5 : Tuck in your ends under each braid and secure.
Add more pins if it feels loose and hairspray!
Headband Tuck
 Brynkli Brynkli2
This is super simple, you can do it in literally a couple minutes when you have no time to get ready.
Step 1 : Start by placing an elastic headband over top of your hair.
Step 2 : Begin tucking your hair into your headband by coming from the outside of your headband and tucking down inside.
Step 3 : I like to work with the hair by the front of my face first and move to the back.
Step 4 : Take the rest of your hair in smallish sections and keep tucking over and down behind your headband. The messier it is, the more natural and easy it will look!
Tug the crown of your head out a bit if needed, and spray with hairspray!


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