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Still “Pinking” about it

This is not the first October Tantrum has gone “Pink” for the cure. However, for some reason this year has touched my heart more. This is the first year we are supporting a co-worker (a family member if you will) who is walking in honor of her Angel Mother. For sure that in itself makes it more personal, but as I was up one night thinking about what we needed to get together for our Pink month, names of all the people in whom I have a personal interest who have been diagnosed with breast cancer came to my mind. Friends, clients and family who have survived and friends, clients, family who have not. Rosemary, Vicky~ her daughters Syd and Jennifer, Jenny, Kristi, Joan, MJ, Wanda, Velma… my list goes on and on. I have personally shaved 3 heads on separate occasions just days after Chemo treatments started. I remember tearing up as curly locks trickled down to the floor. Such a waste of gorgeous locks. I remember my friends face as she took control of the hair loss before she lost control of it. I remember a funeral for a Fancy Grande Dame who fought a great fight and just a short while later I was using a bic razor to shave her beautiful daughter’s hair, she also fought a great fight that ended in a reunion with her mother.

I recently had a real heart to heart with my spicy, sharp witted cousin who told me that she was not going to take the pain of post cancer sitting down. She is determined to LIVE and LIVE WELL. I didn’t even think of the emotional and physical scars left for the survivors of breast cancer. She was so inspiring, she is so strong.

I suppose for these many reasons and many women I love, this year I feel more proud to be doing something to help.

Jules has gotten 75% of her goal so far thanks to many generous and willing people. There are quite a few girls running around with a pink strand of hair and we thank you!

There is still time to contribute and donate. Stop by Tantrum and get a pink extension or buy a craft.


You can add a name to our honor board. Or you can go to directly to Jules site HERE and donate for the cure.


Thank you everyone for your loving support and generous donations!