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Short, Sassy and Oh so FUN!

Happy Holidays to all of YOU!

I feel so grateful to have been a part of the salon now for almost 18 years!

My name is Julianne Orren, a Master Stylist at Tantrum Hair Salon.


Three years ago I took the leap! I went from shoulder length hair to a short, croppy, easy, fun, sassy, classy, stylish short hair style!

Those are just a few words that either I describe my hair with or others have. I get pulled over in malls, grocery stores, street festivals and even a gas station somewhere between here and LA to be offered a compliment and lots of times asked the big question,, “What do you use to make your hair do that?” There are a few key things I have learned from my hair….know it is fine and I do have a decent amount…at least that is what Terrie tells me as she razors lots of texture into it!

  1. No matter what style I am doing for the day I need some form of moisture to keep my hair from looking like cotton fuzz or doll hair! My personal favorite and I only use a pea size pump of it is the Moroccainoil Hydrating Styling Cream. I use it alone when in a hurry before blowdrying or mixed with Lanza’s Polyester for more body. Those two stand alone or can be utilized as a foundation for a more defined look with adding some Goldwell Unlimitor spray wax to.
  2. Bumble and Bumbles’ Texture is my newest fave!!!!! No matter what products I have started with or even on a Oh My Goodness my hair is dry and what now day? Day it can pull out and punk up my hair for fun and style! The trick with short hair and this product is to use it on dried hair….the feedback on trying to use it on wet has not been good! Dry is key with Texture. This is a product that with the base of the cream mentioned in #1 is amazing…just dry with cream and begins working in from root out about a dimes worth after distributing it on your finger tips. Then topped off with your favorite hairspray and Walla….You will have it going on. Another favorite for me is Bumbles’ Surf Spray….it is a crown booster sprayed in wet over my bit of moisture cream and dried….works amazing with the Unlimitor spray wax to top it when hair has been dried. It is one of those that I do put the warning out of….dont over do it around your face….it works just a little too good for those areas!
  3. An aerosol hairspray is what I use often to finish my style…not to picky about that other than it needs to be a firm hold. I do still love after 22 years the Paul Mitchell Fast Dry Sculpting Spray. It is a pump and a great value in both how it works and price! It is one of those the whole family can use! Its best attribute is that you can finger your hair into place or make it piecey as it dries…a working spray for sure with great hold too!

I hope some of these ideas will be informative and that you will try them out ….but most of all….if you are itching to cut your hair and have some fun of a whole new kind …


DO IT! I did and have never had a day I didn’t smile and enjoy the ease of 5 minute cuteness!