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No More Tangles!!!

After doing hair for 6 years, one hair problem that I never had to deal with before doing hair was tangles. And, doing hair you run into A LOT of tangles.

After trying many different solutions I have finally come up with my favorite 2 products that help with this problem.


I usually spray this on the hair after shampooing and before I brush out the hair.

This product adds moisture and instantly helps course, tangled hair become smooth and a lot easier to work with.

#2 Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion XL Pro Vent Brush

I like to call this the miracle brush. I instantly fell in love with this brush after using it one time.

This brush is anti static, it gives you a faster blow dry, and its ion charged bristles help smooth the hair cuticle down, which help with getting tangles out of hair, making hair soft and shiny.

I hope this little solution helps you with no more tangles!


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