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How to Get Rid of That Static

Well it’s that time of year again, the warm smell of pumpkin spice in the air and the hustle and bustle of the holiday is coming, and of course dealing with STATIC HAIR. This time of the year the most common question I am asked when my clients sit in my chair is “How do i get rid of the static in my hair and what causes it?”

This time of year, the air is extra dry and we also have the heat on in the house and in the car which sucks all the moisture out of the air. This dryness is the cause of static in the hair.

Here are a few tips to help calm down your DO.

* MOISTURIZE – this is the time of year to maybe switch to a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It’s also a good idea to stretch a little longer in-between washes.

* HUMIDIFIER- not only is it good for sinus issues but for your hair as well. Running a humidifier in your room helps replace the moisture that running the heat sucks out of the air.

* AIR DRY – if you are able to let the hair air dry then style as needed once its dry it will lessen the static

* COMB WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS- switch to a natural bristle brush, and rubber or metal combs during the winter months and avoid plastic brushes or combs because they cause an electrical charge causing static. You can also spray an anti-static spray (same for use on clothes, or even hairspray) on your brush before brushing.

* USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS- Using an oil, pomade, mouse, or styling lotion in the hair for styling, it will help knock down the static.

* SPRAY BOTTLE- after styling if there is still some static you can use a spritz of water to calm the hair back down.

*HAIR SPRAY- always finish any style with hairspray to help stop the static

* DRYER SHEETS- yep that’s right! Regular old dryer sheets from the laundry room. You can use them to just glide along the hair and you can even keep some in your purse for later use.

* SILK PILLOW CASE- using a silk pillow case will help continue to fight static from coming back while you’re sleeping.
I hope these tips help you knock out static in your hair this winter and remember the biggest contributor to static hair is LACK OF MOISTURE so remember to MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE!!


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