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How did “Tantrum” get the name“Tantrum” ?



When I decided to open a sal

on, I had been doing hair for almost

three years. I had dreamed of creating a salon with the culture I



First was to come up with a name.


I wanted something that would remind me of how people reacted

when their hair did not act right. I could see in my minds eye

people throwing brushes, etc. The name had to be one word and

catchy. I enlisted family members to help with the task. There

was a $100 reward for the person to come up with the name. One

brother-in-law took on the challenge. Soon he had a full page of

words. One of the words was “Tantrum” He wrote down this word

in response to some of the kids throwing a temper tantrum. I

liked the word. It was catchy. It reminded me of how people

reacted to hair that was stressful.


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