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Global Keratin Smoothing Treatment

GKST (Global Keratin Smoothing Treatment) is by far my favorite service at Tantrum Hair Salon. It’s not a straightening treatment but very close to it! It smooths your hair of frizz and crazy curl. It makes your hair more manageable by cutting your blow dry and styling time in half. It’s extremely healthy for your hair and it seals the cuticle and ends of your hair to look like a fresh new hair cut. And….it lasts up to 5 months.

Here is how it works… choose a strength for you treatment. Depending on your hair type we have three different treatment to choose from:
-extremely curly

If it makes you nervous that you have a lot of curl and you don’t want to lose your bounce and overall curl, you can choose the least resistant treatment (wavy) and it will still make your hair fabulous and easy to manage without eliminating the curl completely. It will make it easy to style with a flat iron and also a curling iron.

If your looking for the most resistant(extremely wavy) you will still have wave to your hair but once again it cuts your styling time in half and eliminates the frizz.

Once the product is applied to your hair, we blow it dry then flat iron your hair at a high heat to seal it in.

We offer a complementary hair cut and Global Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner to take home after your treatment.

It’s been a life changer for me and many of my clients at Tantrum! Come and try it out for your self. It’s like getting new fabulous hair!!!

If you’re still nervous about the results, come in and have a free consultation to find out what treatment type will work best for you and your hair.


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