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Get rid of the Frizzy Blues


Raise your hand if your hair resembles something like this when you get out of the shower…

Does it ever make you feel like this?


Or this?


Or even this?


Well, I feel your pain. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve gotten my haircut, only to

have the stylist do a double take at the massiveness of my post-shampooed coif. I always knew

what was coming next: “OH MY GOSH, LOOK AT YOUR HAIR!” And what they really meant

was, “For a white girl, how did this happen to you?!?”

Luckily, I work at a salon that stays in the know of the latest and most effective products to

help combat my frizzy woes. I would like to introduce you to a few products that have proven

to be amazing at taming even the coarsest, fluffiest of manes.


Product #1 L’anza Strength Shampoo & Conditioner

We all have to start with a good cleansing system. This shampoo and conditioner strengthens

the hair without weighing it down, and it works on all hair types. It is also color-safe and feels

great on your hair!


Product #2 L’anza Trauma Treatment

I could sing love songs to this product. It is without a doubt one of my favorites. I’ve seen turn

the most dry, damaged, frizzy hair into a shiny, healthy looking mane. It works like a leave-in

conditioner, but you can rinse it right off like a regular conditioner. It can also be added to

other L’anza conditioners. One of my favorite things about this product is that you can also

apply it to damp hair and leave it in, and it will not weight the hair down. It gives the hair such

a soft, healthy feel, and tames big hair for a beautiful blow-out. My clients LOVE it, and I’ve

had several tell me it is the best conditioner they have ever tried.


Product #3 L’anza Curl Define

Many people with frizzy hair also have some type of curl. Being a curly-haired girl myself, I feel

like I have tried MANY products ranging from gels, to mousses, to sprays, etc…However, I have

to say that this product is hands down my favorite when it comes to curly hair. It actually does

what it says on the bottle- defines curl. But the way it feels in your hair is what I love the most

about it. It defines the curls so well without the crunchiness of a mousse or the stickiness of a

spray. And best of all, it leaves the hair feeling soft, natural and frizz free!


Hope this was helpful, make sure and try one of these the next time you visit us at Tantrum!