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Communication With Your Stylist

Have you ever been to a salon to get your hair done and didn’t know what to say or questions to ask before your stylist starts on your hair? Communication between the stylist and client is THE KEY to achieving the best results with you hair. Well, I have some tips for you that may help with your next consultation with your Hair Stylist.

1. BRING A PICTURE. Some people think that bringing in pictures of hair styles that you like are annoying to the hair stylist. Actually, they are the best! Just as long as you do not expect your hair to look exactly like the picture, then they are a HUGE help. They help to show what things you like about hair. For example: color, bangs, layers, length, texture, bluntness, everything. It helps the stylist to SEE what you actually like instead of trying to figure out the picture in your head of what you want your hair to look like. Do take in consideration that some hair styles may not work with the texture, length, or condition of your hair. But, we, as hair stylists, try our best to help you with your hair.

2.EXPLAIN WHAT YOU MEAN BY A “TRIM” . Some stylists think that a “trim” is an inch. YOU may think that it is ¼ of an inch or 2 inches. Show with your fingers how much you would like off.











3. Ask for COLOR SWATCHES. Color can be very confusing to explain. Everyone has their opinions of what the perfect brown, blonde, or red looks like. It is easier for the stylist to know exactly what color you want to achieve, by showing them from the color swatches.

4. Just as much as it is important to tell your stylist what you like about your hair or the picture you have, it is important to tell your stylist what you DON’T LIKE. This will caution your stylist to stay away from the “danger zone” of what your fears are with your hair.

5. You need to BE HONEST with your stylist. We want you to be happy with your hair and so we need to know the history of your hair when doing color services. ANY chemical process that has been done on your hair, we need to know about so that we can make the right decision as to what chemicals to use on your hair so that it stays as healthy as possible. Note: any chemicals processes EVER go away unless it was cut off. Also, you need to be honest about the products that you are using at home so that your stylist can make the best suggestions for at-home care.









6. ASK FOR YOUR STYLIST’S OPINION. I have had clients that want thick, long hair when they have about 2 hairs on their head. Or, want to wake up and not have to do anything to their hair for it to have a “style”, in reality, most people have to actually take time for their hair to look like it has curls or straightened. Your stylist wants to be honest with you but does not want to offend you. If you ask “What do you think?” or “Is this possible?”, then your stylist will know that you are willing to take the necessary steps to get your hair to the way you want it to be.

7. BE ON TIME. Most stylists schedule their clients by appointment so that they ensure that they have enough time to spend with each client. It is understandable that sometimes things happen that you cannot control, but be aware that when clients are on time, that gives the best opportunity for the stylist to take the time for your hair appointment.

8. If you have a budget as to what you want to spend on your hair, ASK HOW MUCH it is going to be. Stylists, especially at a salon where they have receptionists who schedule the appointments and answer first-hand questions, already assume that you know how much it is going to be if you do not ask. Stylists are also always willing to make suggestions for you that may be in your budget.

9. If you had your hair done by the same stylist the time before and you want it exactly the same, EXPLAIN WHAT YOU LIKED ABOUT IT. Stylists do not always remember exactly what they did 2 months ago. So, for your sake, explain again what you would like in order to get the same results as the time before.

10. BE EXCITED! You are going to be pampered while you get your hair done. So relax and enjoy this time.

11. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ASK ANY QUESTIONS that you have. Anywhere from at-home care to the process behind color chemicals. We are here to educate you with your hair so that you can better understand the way things work. If we do not know the answer, do not lose trust in us, we will find the answer! Plus, OUR BOSS knows everything… so he always has the answer!