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Success for DS!

Our Bake/Craft Sale was a super success! We doubled our goal of $1000 for Sharing Down Syndrome AZ!
Thank you all so very much for everything you donated, purchased and supported us in!

Bake/Craft Sale for Down syndrome

The time is fast approaching!

Saturday Sept 15th

From 10-2

I am excited for what we will
have to offer:



Crocheted hats

Crocheted wash cloths

Handmade Jewelry

Cake Stands


Nursing Covers

Lots and Lots of delicious baked goods! YummmY!

Meet the reason for our Walk for Down Syndrome

Meet Teila!

Teila is 12 years old, loves parties, skinny jeans and platform flip flops. (more…)

An Auntie’s walk For Down Syndrome


Most people know me as Beth…

Auntie Beth and her girls
Auntie Beth and her girls

but there are a few little people who know me as Auntie.

That is my favorite name.

 I remember the moment that I found out I would be an aunt. (more…)