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Hi guys, its Kaitlyn here! Summer is now in full force here in Arizona (it’s blazing hot outside!) I’ve noticed that I have to take extra special care of hair due to the dry heat outside. So

here’s a few tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy during these summer months.

is my absolute favorite type of product to use in the summertime. Deep conditioners should be used at least 1-2 times a week depending on how dry your hair is. I love throwing my deep conditioner on when I’m by the pool to let the sun act as a heat agent so that the conditioner penetrates into my hair better. Your hair will feel so silky and soft afterwards. You will truly notice a difference in your hair if you use it on a regular basis.
I try and add as little heat as I can when styling my hair during the summer (ex. flat irons, curling irons, blowdryers) . Adding a few spritz of SURF SPRAY to your air-dried hair gives it that gritty ‘beachy’ look that is soo trendy right now. I like to use the spray all over, scrunch up my hair with my hands a bit, and maybe twirl a few pieces around my finger for a wavier look. It’s so easy, fuss free, and heat free. 🙂

This is magic in a bottle. I swear by this stuff- my hair eats it up! A little dab on your hair and you will feel such a difference. Not only does it make your hair feel great but it is also is treating your hair at the same time! Your hair will look shinier and healthier with this Moroccan Oil. This product is especially great if you tend to have more dry hair like me!

I hope that some of these favorite products of mine will help save you and your hair during these hot months! Your hair will thank you when Fall comes around again 🙂