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Back Combing (teasing) Tutorial

Do you ever get frustrated with your flat hair?
Do you try back combing and it doesn’t stay?
Ive got the tricks for you!!!!
First you need to start off with GOOD PRODUCTS that are going to help your hair stay and keep the back comb in.
Here is my client with no product in her hair and FLAT hair.
Before you start sectioning perfect sections, mist the hair with GOLDWELL SPRAY WAX to dirty the hair. You can pick up sections all over the head to make sure you get some at the root. Then section the hair with 2 inch sections, starting at the top of the crown. At each section add a dash of Lanza POWDER to the root. This makes it extra dirty feeling and holds in the back comb.
When back combing, take your 2inch section of hair and start at the root (comb in hair) and move your wrist in a C shape motion to start to build a little nest
Start to move up the hair about 2-3 inches off the scalp, moving your wrist in the same C motion.
Once you have a good back comb nest, move you’re comb back down to the root and pat the hair in tight to make the hair sturdy at the root. Once you’ve done this, lightly hair spray each section (I used GOLDWELL big finish, volume hair spray) to secure the backcomb.
Do this same motion and sectioning over the crown of the head
When your done your hair look like this……….>
Place you comb flat to the head and lightly comb over the hair to smooth it out and to make sure there are no visible bumps
And voila!!! There you have it.
Good luck backcombing and have fun with your FABULOUS large hair!