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5 Steps to Perfect Brows

5 steps to Perfect Brows

Check out the “How to(s)” below the photo:

1.Brush your brows. Pay close attention to the natural growth direction your brows go and follow it. (A clean used mascara wand works wonders as a brow brush.)

2. Find where your inner brow should begin. Take your brow brush a pencil or anything straight and line it up from the outside corner of your nose to the most inner point of your eye. Ta da!

3. Find where your Outer brow should end. Take your brow brush and line it up from the outer point on your nose (same place) and the very outer point of your eye.

4. Find your natural arch. You should be able to see it on the top of your brow. If yours isn’t that obvious, line your bush up with the outside of your Iris (colored part of your eye). That is where the highest point of your arch should be. It should NEVER be right above your pupil (black part of your eye). The closer your arch gets to your pupil the more “clown-like” your brow will become.

5. Trimming your brows: CAUTION!!!! This is a last resort only to be done if absolutely necessary. Only trim those brows that don’t stay in line when you comb them the direction of your natural growth pattern. If after that caution you really must trim make sure to avoid cutting them bluntly. The more blunt the brow the more masculine the look. Trim only the few hairs that are going awry.

If you are worried about maintaining those gorgeous arches between visits to your favorite aesthetician, here is one more tip to help you feel more confident. Only tweeze those hairs that you KNOW you won’t need. Look closely, you’ll be able to tell which ones they are. Happy arching!