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3 Fabulous Buns From a Simple Ponytail

Here are 3 really quick and easy buns that start from a simple

low ponytail.

What you will need:

1. 1-2 hair elastics, I used brown but clear are great too

2. Marianna Bobby-pins, I get mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply

they look like this

3. Hair spray, I love Bumble’s Classic HS. It is super light and

dry. It is in a pink bottle, you will see it in the back ground.


Stylist Secret: You can do these styles on WET hair as well.

(I know, I use it frequently… shhhhhh).

It will be a sleeker look, but only you will know your

hair is wet.

Shout out to my HOT Preggers SIL, thanks for letting me use your head!

The Topsy-Tail Bun

The Knotted Bun


The Twisted Braid Bun