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Tantrum Goes Green!

Well not this green….

photo 1

(Tantrum Circa 1999)

We just finished a really interesting education class from Goldwell, our very favorite color line.  Goldwell has always offered a superior color line. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better they just launched a new branch of Ammonia Free more natural “green in the good way” Permanent Color called NEctaya Nurturing Hair color.


photo 2


We could tell it was different right away…


It was practically odorless it had a creamy pearly color. It looked and felt thick and luxurious right in the bowl.




This new “like Nectar” color is

Noticeably healthier

Richer colors… this stuff shines!

100% grey coverage




What’s really wonderful is that Nectaya can be used like Topchic  in combination with  Colorance (the semi-perm color system… also ammonia free) which rocks!… Even when a color is ammonia free, pulling permanent color through previously colored hair creates dryness, fade-age and breakage.  Color balancing with with a semi permanent reparative color is awesome.



While we absolutely love love love Goldwell’s current permanent color line this new line will give those of us who are a little more sensitive to smell and chemicals, wonderful new more natural option for coloring.


Talk to your stylist about this new option. It may be a perfect fit for you.


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