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Product Knowledge- The Unlimitor by Goldwell

Do you have flat hair?

Or wish you could get that lift you’d like to add body to your limp, lifeless hair?

Or how about problems with static, fly-away hair, especially during those dry, winter months?

Well, I would like to share with you one of MY favorite products!

The Unlimitor, by Goldwell.

This is an amazing wax spray that will not weigh your hair down, but will add body to your roots and give you that amazing volume and lift! This fabulous spray will also smooth out those little fly-away hairs that tend to stick up around your hair-line.


Just simply apply to dry hair at the roots, especially at the crown, and then back-comb just a little at the

base of the hair where you would like volume. Then smoothe over the top of the hair so the hair is smoothe and voila!


Look at the lift and volume this spray creates!

The Unlimitor adds the finishing touch for any voluminous hairstyle!



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