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Hair Tragedy Tuesday!

I’ve decided to create a new hashtag theme. You have your #mcm, Man Crush Monday. Your #wcw, Woman Crush Wednesday. As well as #tbt, Throwback Thursday. Well, I’m starting #HTT, Hair Tragedy Tuesday.


We all have them. A bad hair day, an awful haircut or a trendy hairstyle done on an monumental day in your life that you look back at and think, what the heck was I thinking. I have come to find that a bad hair day or a bad hair memory is always made better through laughter. What isn’t, really? Therefore, I say we share the hilarity. We look back or look currently at either our own, or someone else’s hair tragedy  and laugh.

I’ll start things off by sharing my favorite, really bad hair decision.

This is my Sister in law.



Gorgeous, right.

On her wedding day, I was tasked with doing her wedding updo. At the time, there was a hairstyle that was popular and considered very cute. She wanted it kept out of her face so I decided it was the perfect do for her big day. I’m pretty sure this was before I started working at tantrum and while I was in hair school. That is no excuse. I should have known better. I should have stuck to something timeless. Alas, I did none of those things. So, here it is, my #htt


Corn rows my friends, I give you wedding day corn rows! Of course she is still gorgeous but all I see is corn rows. Everytime I see these wedding photos, I giggle to myself and then want to apologize for doing this hairstyle on her wedding day.


Margaret, if you are reading this, I apologize for your wedding day corn rows. Even though we both thought they were awesome at the time. And for using you for a blog post without asking. Love you!


So, tantrum readers, this tuesday I look forward to your #HairTragedyTuesday posts. We can all laugh together. Don’t forget to tag @tantrumhairsalon, hashtag Tantrumhairsalon and #htt.



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