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Hair Accessories

Since having my first daughter 3 months ago I have been exposed to a whole new world of headbands, bows, and flowers! I have seen them worn as clips, headbands, and even broaches.

I was given quite a few adorable headbands by friends and family but noticed quickly that my daughter could only wear them for a month or less. They grow so fast! So I got some advice of a great place to buy or make your own hair accessories.  I am sure there are a lot of places but I was in heaven at the Ribbons and Lace store on Lindsay and Main. I was able to bring an outfit in and match a flower with it. They will even make the bows and hairclips of your choice and offer classes.


Well I bought a variety (many are under $2!) but also decided to save a little money and make some myself. I was surprised of how easy it can be!

Stretchy bands that will expand as they grow are fabulous. So I found ribbon that stretches, cute crocheted bands, and my personal favorite, the nylon hose bands.  You can take and cut up a pair of new knee highs and make four head bands. They don’t leave a mark, cost less than a dollar and also stretch! 

I took some hot glue and glued ribbon onto each clip (making it soft and comfortable on their head) and then glued the flower to the clip. SIMPLE!!!


The clips work great to just clip on clothes or in the hair. If your little one is lacking in the hair area, like mine, the clips still work great because they can be interchanged on the headbands. The hair accessories are fun to wear and can be enjoyable to make as you match outfits and become more creative.  They also make NICE wall decorations in a bathroom or bedroom! 😉