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I’m a rule breaker. I like to go dark in the summer and lighter in the winter! And for me, it works! With this color swap i tend to see myself doing, I like to spice it up a little! When you find a color you want to keep but are feeling in a rut, an easy and fun way to spice up your hair is with extensions!


The hair that we use is 100% human hair! It curls, straightens, colors, or does anything you want! It is the top of the line hair! We guarantee it!
We will then order them for you and it will only take a couple days to receive them! We can then help you feel even more beautiful!
You have so many different options when you do extensions:
Clip in for length or thickness (or both!)
Color clip in extensions to add a kick to your hair!
Bead in color extension/feathers
Bead extensions all over…and the list goes on!
These are my favorite kinds of extensions (one being more “permanent” and the other super temporary)
BOTH are offered at Tantrum Hair Salon!
One of my best friends (as well as a stylist at Tantrum) Morgan McDaniel, is my #1 client for extensions!
She has had her extensions in for about a year and a half…. if not longer 😉
She loves them! As do many other people! And others always believe it’s her real hair! That’s the point, right?
If you would like to set up a consultation, call our receptionist and book that appointment for your new spring/summer do!
In this consultation, we will match your hair to our swatches (they have a HUGE variety of color) and we will find something just right for you!
Here are some picture examples of the 2 different types of extensions!
We hope to see you soon!!


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