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Wedding Tips

They say when  you marry in June, you’re a bride ALL your Life… and a bride-groom who marries in June, gets a sweetheart for a wife! ~Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


This June, I helped my baby sister (who also happens to be one of our most favorite receptionist of all time) get ready for her wedding. It was a shabby-chic, vintage party and it was so fun.  I love this little girl so very much!


I was the wedding coordinator so I had my hand in everything, but of course the most important was the hair!


Some things to think about when getting your hair done for your wedding.


How many appointments will you need?

Often a bride will want to have a practice go for the actual wedding.  This makes you feel more secure and confident that you and your stylist are on the same page.  Are you having bridal portraits before the wedding? And of course on the day of.



Be realistic about your expectations

NO TWO STYLES (even if on the same head done by the same stylist) will ever be exactly the same.  For Lydia’s wedding we had 2 sets of bridal portraits prior to the wedding and the wedding day itself. We decided to change up the style slightly so we wouldn’t have to worry about it being exactly the same every time.  This was easier on her stylist and it was fun to try variations of the same kind of style.





Have you done your research?

PINTEREST ladies! Check out all the styles you love pin them on Pinterest, and bring them to your stylist!  Bring in things you love and things you are not so fond of. Letting your stylist know what you don’t like will help them avoid those elements.


Even though this day is all about you, your stylist has other appointments…

Often Brides run late, I am positive that normally you are an “on time” kind of gal… but rest assured it happens. Now I don’t want to discourage you, but your stylist NEEDS ALL the time they have allotted to do you hair. You do not want your stylist to be rushed on your special day.


Do you want to have your photographer on site when your bridal party is at the salon?

Make sure you check with your stylist, this is rarely a problem, but let your stylist know that you are planning to have a large party with paparazzi. We need a little prep time too.



I absolutely love weddings and wedding days.  I am always so thrilled to share in this lovely day with the happy bride.


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