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Thrift Store Skinny Jeans

I thought it would be fun to talk about something a little different than hair but still in the “Fashion” category because, it was fun.

It was time for my husbands family to take new family pictures. So I got online and looked at family pi

ctures and suggested to the family that we have citrus colors be clothing colors. So, greens , yellows and oranges. They agreed and I was excited.

I like to be different so I decided that I wanted to wear green pants instead of or in addition to a green top. I chose green cause it goes good with my red hair. I had a small budget so decided to look at the thrift store for green pants. So I hit Epic Thrift store which just happen to be down the street from Tantrum. I totally lucked out and found a green pair of corduroy bell bottoms for $1.00! Score! Kind of. I wanted skinny jeans but I could not pass these up for $1.00. So, I bought them with hopes of being able to turn them into skinny jeans.


I’m the one in the green skinny jeans with my beautiful in-laws. I am so thrilled with how these turned out.


I gave them to my mom, I have no sewing skills, along with a pair of my favorite skinny jeans. She then turned them inside out and cut them to the size of my favorite skinny jeans with an extra half inch on each side for the seem. Once cut she gave them a zigzag stitch straight up the leg and voila!

Cute green skinny jeans for family pictures. If you are taking family pictures I recommend citrus colors. It was really fun.

One last pic. Our traditional jumping picture.


Have a wonderful week!


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