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The importance of eyebrows

Eyebrows make a huge difference to someones face. They are the most dominant facial feature that changes the shape of a face. They can also change your face or your hair color from harsh to soft.

After being married to my husband for almost 5 years, his biggest pet peeve is this

Blonde hair with black, harsh eyebrows. I’ve rubbed off on him. Every we time we watch a movie with actresses with super blonde hair and dark eyebrows it irritates us both.

Isn’t this much better?

Such a simple, easy and cheap fix.

Now, the opposite is also a problem. My twin sister and I have really blonde, fairly nonexistent eyebrows. Having no eyebrows is as bad as having too dark of eyebrows. For example.


Compared to this.

It took me about 3 years to talk my twin sister into dying her eyebrows. Also an easy, cheap fix. See the difference it made for her.

With blonde eyebrows

With dyed eyebrows

Isn’t she Gorgeous?

So, there you have it. The importance of eyebrows. If you think your eyebrows are too dark or too light, visit your hairstylist and ask.