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The "Fix-it" Kit for a Bad Hair Day

NOOOOOO…… not a Bad Hair Day!!!

  Ever wake up….shower ….and get to the point that all should be well? Or looking in the mirror and that face looking back at you isn’t wearing th

e style you set out to wear that day?

All you want to do is put your head under the water or go back to bed and pull the covers up over the top and give up!

The technical term for this experience is


We all have them at one time or another. It seems that those days we manage to suck it up and go on. We act as if we’re the best thing going. Funny, it turns out, it’s that exact day we recieve 3 compliments on our hair before noon!  It’s all we can do to take a deep breathe and say “thanks,” all the while grumbling to ourselves about how unreal it is!  It’s kind of like the old saying…”One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”….there is some truth to this when it comes to hair!

  One of the lines made famous by a lot of clients’ is, “Of course the day I come in to see you and get my hair done, it looks great!” The version of this for the stylists at Tantrum is, “Could I look any uglier today?  NO ONE will want me working on their hair today……good thing my clients know me and will love me anyway!”

  So LET”S GET REAL about this type of a day…..most likely about 75% of the time it is our state of mind messing with us. The other truth about this type of day is what we percieve as a “mishap” in styling.  I would suggest having a “fix it” kit handy!  This kit may include, but not be limited to:

-Bumble and Bumble’s Texture creme…make a purposeful mess with it!

 -Full can of hairspray

-A Build-A-Bear with a recorded message of  “You are still HOT!”

-“Get out of work” free pass


 -Ponytail holder or banana clip




 and last but not least….



P.S. Just remember….tomorrow will come and so will the chance to have a “great hair day!!!”

P.S.S.  If you feel I missed any items that would work for you in your “fix it kit” we would love to hear about them…..what do you do?

In fun,

Julianne Orren

Master Stylist,  Tantrum Hair Salon


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