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The Clean Hair Sweep!

Is your Hair feeling yucky and needs a boost?
 Are you a product junky?
 When you shampoo your hair does it still seem to never get clean?
I have a solution for you……Its called the Clean Hair SWEEP!
First you want to start with Bumble and Bumble SUNDAY Shampoo. Its a clarifying shampoo and cleans all the build up and junk you might be saving in your hair from product or even from being outdoors. It make your hair SQUEEKY clean….literally!
In the same shampoo cycle (right after you use the Sunday Shampoo) bust out your “oh so FAVORITE B&B Gentle Shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner and wash with both products as normally used.
 images (1)
Your hair with feel rejuvenated and clean and moisturized
When using the Sunday shampoo you do not want to use it for an every day shampoo. It will strip all your natural oils from your hair and leave it feeling really dry and frizzy and lots of static. A good way to use this product is once a week or even every two to three weeks depending on your hair type. It also depends on how much product, like hair spray or muse or palm made (or any other heavy products) you use on your hair.
But as far as the B&B gentle shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner goes, you can use it as your regular everyday (we prefer washing every other day or every 3 days) Shampoo combo. It’s a fantastic product that is gentle and rich (hence the name) on your hair.
Your hair should be rejuvenated and feeling so fresh and so clean!


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