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The 40’s Have Not Been Good To Me!

The Forties Have Not Been Good To Me!


The last couple of years my hair has changed completely!  I watch the same type of change happen to my clients sometimes in their 40’s, sometimes 50’s and even as late as 70’s… I have witnessed hair changing from smooth and manageable to crazy, curly and even frizzy in a matter of a short time in several of my clients this past year.   Sometimes we end up utilizing a flat iron… Sometimes a curling iron… But every single time it’s a matter of adjusting/adding products used in the hair….


This happens to be my favorite cocktail that I use almost daily in my own hair to tame the mess shown above… I use about half-and-half, worked through root to end and voila!!!


Each head of hair requires a little different mix…but what I know is some form of a leave-in moisture cream, no matter what style is desired has to be used!
Each of our stylists here at Tantrum Hair Salon are skilled in customizing a prescription to tame, manage and beautify your hair too!
I am not sure if it is age, hormones, thyroid sometimes, or just natures’ practical joke that causes such mind boggling texture change but what I know is if I can still enjoy my hair… So can you!


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