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St. Patty’s Day Fun

Do you have anything fun planned for St. Patrick”s Day? If not, her are some fun ideas for you!

Start the day with some green breakfast! Use green food coloring in your milk with lucky charms or in your pancake batter…
A Leprechaun visited our house last night 🙂
Cute fashion ideas! Don’t get pinched
Last but not least….. a fun St. Patty’s Day hair idea! Shamrock Hair…
First start with one big pony tail.
Next divide the pony tail into 3 even sections.
Then put a small band on each section, about an inch away from the center of the pony tail.
Split each mini section in half and twist the hair towards the girls head. As you twist tighter, the hair will automatically start taking a heart like shape.

Close the bottom of the heart by securing with a small band.

Twist the hair like this for all three sections. make sure that the 2 side sections have the top of the heart facing out. You will start to see the “shamrock” shape. You can secure each section of the shamrock with some bobby pins and add a cute bow to the ends that are still dangling out.
Happy St. Patricks Day!