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Side Swept Bangs

kalie senior picsSoft, swept bangs are a beautiful way to create softness to the face. Especially if you have never had bangs and would like to try a new look, these are the perfect bangs.

One of the challenges with hair that I hear from clients often about bangs is that they don’t know how to achieve that smooth swept bang without it curling into a “c-shape”.

First, Make sure you have a little longer bang than you would normally wear and have your stylist cut your bangs at an angle towards the side you would like to sweep to. If you like to change sides from time to time be sure and let your stylist know this so they can accommodate this while cutting.

Second, if your hair is curly or stubborn, you can add a smoothing cream to help smooth the bangs before drying. Also, I have found that you will get a smoother bang if you don’t actually part your hair while blow-drying.

Third, Take your round brush, ( I like my brush to be bigger in width than 2”) and brush your bangs forward. Then place the brush underneath your bangs and roll the brush under applying heat to the roots and then slowly stretch the hair down and away from the scalp and forward. Do this a couple of times. Next time, as you stretch the hair away from the scalp, start to drop your wrist and create a “sweeping” motion with brush with the hair to the side. If you have a cowlick, it helps to dry the hair the opposite direction first, then roll and sweep the side you prefer.

Fourth, to finish the look, and most importantly, to help keep the bangs swept across the forehead where they will stay put for the day, you may add a little bit of teasing just at the base or root of the hair. Then simply smooth over the top of the hair and to the side, keeping that teased hair hidden underneath. I also like to use a light hairspray to help keep the bangs swept across the forehead. And voila! Beautiful swept bangs!


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