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Product Knowledge: L’Anza’s BUNGEE

As a hairstylist, I am often asked, “What can I use to add more texture to my short hair?” I have several clients with short hair where they want it to look more sassy and not like a “mom do”.
When I put L’Anza’s Bungee in their hair, they cant believe how it changes the whole look!
Bungee adds texture and creates an elasticity to the hair to move it wherever your heart desires. It pieces out the hair to look modern and updated! You can use this on all hair types and it even has a UV protector.
Just apply ¬†about a dime-size of Bungee to your palm. Rub hands together and run fingers through the hair. Then use your fingers to mold hair where you’d like it! Fast and easy!
The pictures below show the before and after shots. First, of the hair just dried with a blow dryer, no product. The second, with Llanza’s Bungee applied to the hair. Note: There is no curling iron needed to get this look. It’s all about using the right products!
2013-05-22 12.52.29
2013-05-22 13.00.30


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