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Powder up for the New Year!

I am always grateful for the beginning of a new year! With it brings some refreshing resolutions, goals and a fresh start to try new things. One of my goals last y

ear was to discover the new hair products that come out. My name is Holly and since I started at Tantrum 8 years ago we have had a lot of exciting new changes and improvements especially in our hair products. Hair Powder from Bumble and Bumble has become a new treasure to me this year as it has helped my clients hair last longer and save money!

Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • · Adds texture to the roots for a tighter tease and longer hold
  • · Covers roots so you can go longer between colors (pics of colors either here or wherever)
  • · Comes in a variety of shades – Black, Brown, Blonde, and White
  • · Comes in travel sizes (2oz I think?) for those holiday getaways (pic of travel size)
  • · Absorbs oil so you can go longer between shampoos
  • · Can give you that matte beach hair look
  • · And one of my favorite bonuses of the Hair Powder is it can give thin hair the appearance of being full and thick J (pic 019)

Here is an example of a before and after shot:

I used the brown powder to cover an inch of white roots as seen in the pic above

If your New Years Resolution is to have a NEW longer lasting DO have your stylist try some Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder in your hair at your next appointment !