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Post Baby Hair

After having my first baby nobody prepared me for loosing hair, you know what I’m talking about, those depressing showers where your hair comes out in clumps…
Well, I have some helpful tips!
My hair became dry, brittle, and fell out!
I have a couple tips that helped me get through those rough couple months!
My favorite was called HAIR. The label says it makes your hair shiny.. well it also helped keep my hair feeling full and thick even when I was loosing hair! These pills are good for you anyway, so take some kind of vitamin for your hair! It really does help! Take one in the morning and one at night, I swear by them.
Deep Conditioner/Good Product:
This was also my saving grace. If I didn’t use moroccan oil, I would’ve been in trouble. It built the nutrients in my hair back up and kept it smooth and I knew my hair was being taken care of 😉 Tantrum carries the moroccan oil line of products, it’s saved a lot of my clients! I love everything they have!

Avoid heat:
By this, I only mean don’t blow dry your hair. If you MUST do it at the very end for no longer than a minute! I would flat iron or curl my hair 2-3 times a week.. buns were my fav. I really avoided heat!
Keep up on trims:
I will be the first to say, seeing 1cm of hair being cut off of my hair makes me want to CRY! But I had to do this so my hair didn’t break off and actually would grow. Turns out it did 🙂 Now I keep up on them, I do “baby trims” more often so I don’t have to cut off more in the longer amount of time.