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I have wanted to be a brunette for well… my whole life. I am what we in the biz call a level 7 and what you would call…. Dark blonde or Light brown.

Hi, I am Beth and I am an Unbrown.

Lucky me … sigh…

I suppose you are not feeling too sympathetic knowing that I work in a fabulous spot and I really should know how to take care of that situation right?

Well… I have tried. I have gone brown … DARK brown and whoa… pretty much gross. I have also tried blonde and found it is NOT for me. Don’t get me wrong I think I look amazing (wink) with a golden highlight. That my friends, is what I have stuck with for the last uhmmm maybe 18 years, give or take the few months of devastating dark and total bomb blonde.

Until… drum roll please:


A couple of months ago we were introduced to a relatively new color technique called “Ombre”.

It is also called “color melting” or “transitioning”. It is a color technique where the hair transitions from dark at the base to light at the ends. It can be as subtle or as contrasting as your tastes allows.

Friends… I now have the best of both worlds! I am in LOVE with this… especially because, recently since turning 30, I have found new reasons to color my roots if you know what I mean.

The amazing thing is that it looks great on more than just me, heh heh. Actually it really does look great on most people.

This is Emily, who had her hair recently Ombre-ed by our very own Rachel… LOVE IT!

I am a fan!

You keep your rich depth at the base framing your face and have the playful glow around the ends.

Yep, I am hooked.

Ps Celebrities are in on it too!

Lily Aldrige

Drew Barrymore