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Oh Halloween


I love Halloween! It is my second favorite holiday. Second only to Christmas. Generally, I throw a big Halloween bash. Complete with a fire pit in the backyard, a place to make your own caramel apple, my awesome white chicken chili with sweet corn bread, and prizes for the best male, female and couple costumes. A good time is had by all.

So, for this blog post I’ve decided to pass along some tips to having an awesome Halloween and be in the running for a prize for best costume at whatever halloween bash you or your children decide to participate in this year.

Let’s start with temporary hair color. The most temporary and yet most vibrant hair tinting I have found so far is hair chalk. So far there are 2 different ones that I like the best but are very different.

First, Tint hair chalk.
babe hair chalk

This hair chalk is very easy to apply and is very vibrant on whatever hair color you are applying it to. I still recommend the brighter colors for darker hair though. It is also a little bit more permanent than the other type of hair chalk I will recommend. This brand can take up to 5 washes to be completely gone if applied on blonde hair. It is also a bit more pricey but that’s because the ingredients are better.

Second, Target brand hair chalk

This hair chalk is also bright and visible on light or dark hair.

After experimenting a little, the best way I found to apply hair chalk is to apply it with dry fingers to slightly damp hair. Then lightly spray with a soft hold hair spray. This will keep the chalk from flaking while it is on your hair and keep it vibrant all night.

Next, is false eyelashes. After trying a few, I found that my favorite way to apply and not be a bother all night are the new Katy Perry brand false eyelashes.

And lastly, face paint.

There is one brand out there that most people who regularly face paint will tell you not use and that’s Snazaroo.
Ironically, it’s also the most made available brand that can be found at craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.
These are more for kids to kinda play with if they are having friends over or whatever, and if you are looking for just Halloween or 1 time use purposes. They are very thin, they don’t go on evenly and may stain the skin a bit.
They are just crap. Colored crap.
It can just be a little frustrating. I would say a small palette would cost you about $12 and have 8 basic colors.

The very best brand to use if beginning, or if you are painting many people for Halloween, doing a church or social event is Mehron. Specifically “Paradise AQ” type. It’s creamy, blends well, and the black and white are pretty decent for lines. Now you can get a palette of about 8 colors (there are different sets of colors) for about $33-$35. But the thing is, it will go a LONG WAY. You can do TONS of faces. Another plus is that they smell great. Worth every penny!

You can paint yourself up for every holiday if you like, just to justify the cost *wink, wink

There are 2 other brands you can use called “Wolfe” or “Diamond FX”, but those are definitely professional paints and are quite costly. About $9-$11 A COLOR! But for me, it’s SOOO worth it.

Most definitely Paradise AQ by Mehron is the best to go with.

  • It’s hypoallergenic, and great for sensitive skin.
  • Works with any ol’ paint brush or sponge
  • Won’t stain too bad, and the stain comes off with soap or makeup remover
  • All natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals

Some warnings about face paint:

Face paint isn’t paint. It’s actually a type of makeup. Originally it was designed for theater use. So please, for the love of unicorns DON’T use paint. Some “face painters” (notice the quotations!) use actual acrylic paint and it hardens and hurts when you try to get it off.


Glitter is AWESOME. But DON”T use craft glitter. If it gets in your eyes, it will scratch your cornea and that’s bad. Very, very bad! Always use a body glitter found on face painting sites ( a little goes a long way and apply to wet paint where you want it to stick if using a poofer bottle or to dry paint with your finger)

I hope you’re Halloween is amazing. Interested in my white chicken chili recipe? Let me know And I’ll share.


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