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Introducing the Global Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Tantrum recently was educated in the new Global Keratin Smoothing System. It is a semi-permanent hair smoothing treatment.

The GK Keratin System contains Juvexin (a special protein blend optimized specifically for hair).

It transforms the hair leaving it smooth, healthy, shiny, frizz-free and manageable

for 3-5 months.

Some really important differences to other keratin treatments are:

1. No formaldehyde

2. There are 3 different formula strengths and it is NOT a One Size fits All Hair product.

Each treatment is different for your specific hair needs. Fine to coarse, wavy to frizzy.

Light Smooth: For those who want to keep their natural curl or wave but at the same time want frizz free hair and their blow-dry time cut in half.

Medium Smooth: For those who want a sleeker look to their hair while making it soft, shiny and silky smooth. (Blow-Dry time is also cut in half.)

Full Smooth: This Formula is for those who have very unruly hair and want to get the maximum amount of straightness. Not only does it make the hair straight but also leaves it silky soft and smooth to the touch… and you guessed it… It cuts the Blow-Dry time in half.

I used the FULL SMOOTH formula on this very special client – her natural hair is a medium to tight curl and is extremely frizzy.


{My Gorgeous Mother}

Normally for her to be able to get her hair smooth and silky (like the picture ) it would take about an hour and a whole lot of product or visit with her favorite stylist. But now with the GK Smoothing Treatment it takes her half the time and leaves her hair smooth, shiny, and easily managed.