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How To Fishtail Braid

We’re here to teach you the basics of one of the most “it” braids of the season, the Fistail Braid! This is one of the easier braids you can do because it is only a two strand braid instead of three. You can do it perfectly neat or purposely messy. It’s all up to you! All it takes is some practice and some creativity.
Basic Fishtail Braid
STEP 1 Brush and Section
Comb your hair out so it is tangle free for the braid, this will make it easier for you so you can concentrate on the braid itself. Start out by putting you hair into a ponytail. Divide the hair evenly into two sections.
STEP 2 Weave from the Right
Take a small section of the hair from the back of the right side. Take that small section of hair and fold it over to the left side.
STEP 3 Weave from the Left
After you have added that section, take a small section from the other side of the hair, the back of the left side. Add that small section of hair and fold it over to the right side.
STEP 4 Continue Weaving

You will continue braiding from right to left. Depending on how small or how big of sections you grab is how much you braid. The smaller the better! But it is up to you, because this is your braid! It takes a little longer to braid with small sections, but it is worth it!

STEP 5 Finishing Touches
When your finished braiding you can secure it with a hair tie, clip, or barrett.
Fishtail Braid, French Braid Style
You will still be doing the fishtail braid but you will be adding in hair like a french braid. Start off by sectioning a panel of hair at the crown. Split the panel in half and then cross the right section over the left.
Pull a section of hair starting from the top left side and add it to the right side.
Pull a section of hair starting from the top right side and add it to the left side.
Continue to weave by pulling pieces from left to right to add to your sections.
Secure your braid. If you would like to leave your braid perfectly neat, you are finished!
BUT if you would like your braid purposely messy, grab both sides of the braid and gently pull to give it that more casual, textured look!
Have fun with your new fishtail technique at home!