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Happy Birthday Mack Daddy!

Tomorrow is a very special day for a very special Guy. I just wanted to let the world know!

Happy BirthdayMack!

I am sure I speak for everyone at Tantrum… we LOVE working for you!


Now I know, and every employee of Tantrum knows, and certainly anyone who has met him or asked about him knows, that he is a wonderful person. But I wonder if we tell him enough.

Tantrum is a unique salon. People constantly tell me that there is something special about it… something refined yet unassuming, beautiful yet casual. And I think the real difference is Mack. He truly cares for his Tantrum family. This includes employees, clients, beauty reps. EVERYONE. He has a genuine love for his fellow man/woman.

I started working for Mack a month after I turned 19… (You just checked my profile to see how long ago that was, didn’t you… hmmmmm). I could never have predicted what a blessing the decision to work at Tantrum would be to me. It has literally changed my life. Because of this I am going to take a few liberties make this personal.

Some interesting things you may not know about Mack.

He has 9 children

And a wonderful wife

He has 7 hilarious sisters and a few brothers too

Mack had a natural Afro in High School

He loves the elderly

And babies

He NEVER watches TV… NEVER

He can roller skate like nobody’s bidnes… fo sho

He loves his boat

He owns a purple suit

He used to be a chocoholic but now it is all organic and healthy eating for him. You can check out his garden or his chickens for proof

He drinks green-shakes like they are going out of style. He likes the newest healthiest thing. So if you have found it let him know. Don’t get me started on the kefir.

He has a BEEEAAAUTIIFUL voice. He will sing for your wedding, church organization or funeral, just ask.

He is also the most incredible hairstylist that I have ever seen work their craft. He is (no exaggeration) AMAZING.

He is a dear friend.

I often joke that have given Mack the best years of my life… all my adult years. In a way it is really true, and it goes without saying really, that working with him has truly shaped me into the person I am today. He calls me his “Beth” friend. .. and just so you know…Next to Mack, I am the “Beth”. I am sure everyone that is around him for any time at all must feel like me… like you are special to him.

He is such a patient, talented and giving person. It has been a privilege to be counted as part of Tantrum and to say that I know him.

Mack Happy Birthday and thank you for all that you have done for me. Next to me, you’re the Big Mack!