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Hair Chalking


I want to tell you about a fun way to add temporary color to your hair. The NEW TREND is called “CHALKING”.

The advantage of using chalk is that it washes right out with shampoo. If you are going out for the evening, you just pick your color and apply it to your ends
for an ombre effect, or your bangs, or put streaks in your hair. You can let your imagination be your guide and get creative! It’s FUN!

You can use regular crayola chalk, or more vibrant pigmented chalk from the hobby store. Another product that works well are the washable markers,(apply to dry hair only).

You can be subtle or dramatic with your design and color, so have fun with it!!!

The procedure for using the chalk is quite simple:

1. Put the chalk in a bowl and put enough water in the bowl to just cover the chalk.

2. Let them sit for 5 to 15 minutes. The colors from the water will be vibrant.

3. Use plastic gloves and take the chalk and highlight the hair in the areas that you want the color on. BE CREATIVE!

You will be applying the wet chalk to your dry hair. One thing to remember is don’t get caught in the rain! The color could come off on your clothing.

Hair Chalking


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