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Expert Faux-Hawk Style

You know you are a hairdresser when your 3 year comes up to you and says, “Mom, I said I wanted my hair to be in a MO-hawk…. not a FAUX-hawk!”

Hi, I am Jayme, and I am a master stylist at Tantrum. I keep busy with 4 boys at home (5 counting my cute husband)!

Well let me tell you Mo or Faux-hawks are all the rage now. All the kids at school have them. Sometimes I give in and let my boys have a mo-hawk for the summer, but usually I cut it into a faux-hawk so they think they have a mo-hawk, but it is still a conservative boy haircut that can be styled in different ways.

As a serious “Expert Mo/Faux-Hawk Styler” (or EMFHS) I would love to share some styling secrets for the perfect Hawk.

To get a more defined Hawk, you can use a firm hold gel on wet or dry hair.

L’anza’s Mega Gel is a great product for this.

It is a very thick and

strong holding gel.

My 8 year old has it down to a science! He can style it himself.

For a style that is a little less defined and use a light hold gel or glaze,

like Peter Hanz Stying glaze.

It will give hold and shine

without the stiffness.

To get a dry look with lots of texture,

I like to use Bumble and

Bumble Sumotech.

When you apply a dime size of this paste onto

dry hair, it gives the perfect amount of hold without looking wet or

over styled. It is perfect for the more modern chunky Hawk.



Whichever style you choose you won’t be wrong.

The Hawk is here!

We definitely go through a lot of styling product in our house because our boys just have to have their mohawks!