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Get Ready for Summer!

It’s that time of year, again! In the heat of the Arizona sun, your hair may take an extra beating! Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to protect your hair this summer.

1. Be Pro-Active!

Whether you blow-dry your hair, air-dry it, curl it or straighten it, your hair needs to be protected! If you’re not a product-kind-of-gal then you need Goldwell Color Serum Spray. We carry all different varieties of the Serum Spray that meet the needs for blonde/highlighted, colored, fine, or thick hair. Simply shake the bottle to activate the ingredients, and spray all over DAMP hair! It smells wonderful, helps to detangle, and adds extra shine! And who doesn’t want all that?

2. Go Short!

…Everyone is doing it, so should you! Seriously though, I am seeing women and girls left and right with CHOPPPED hair! It’s very tempting when it looks so cute for the summer! Here’s one that I did last week!




IMG_20140418_085032 IMG_20140418_085038


Isn’t it fun? Definitely makes me want to go short!

Even if you aren’t ready for a short do, GET A TRIM…even if it’s 1/4 inch! Your hair will thank you for it later when it’s hot! And believe me when I say, if you don’t get it trimmed/cut, it will start doing it on it’s own. I’ve seen that a lot and it is not pretty! Depending on your hair texture and type of chemicals put on it, I recommend getting a trim every 6-10 weeks.

3. Powder Up!

Not on your face…on your HAIR! If you sweat a lot, (and those days are coming quick!) a good way to camoflauge those greasy, wet roots is with Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder!


Come in and we’ll spray a little on your scalp so that you know which color is best for your hair! AND…you can see if you like to feel and texture!


I have blonde hair and  I use the white powder on day two or three of no washing. It is amazing! Just spray at the roots, give your scalp a little massage (if you’re like me and sweaty…I usually run the blowdryer through it for a few minutes) and you have fresh, dry hair! It’s like magic 🙂

I hope these tips and tricks help you out this Summer! What are some other tricks that help you get through the Arizona Summer Heat?


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