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Gelish and Shellac Nail Polish

So many people have been searching for their, “Perfect Polish,” a nail polish that stays shiny longer and that doesn’t chip or smear that same day. That is the reason why I give manicures and pedicures at the salon with gelish and shellac polishes! It stays shiny the whole time you have it on and most of my clients only have to come in every 3 weeks for a polish change and love it! Pedicures can even last twice as long, or until you start noticing your grow out line and want to change your color. This makes it great especially when going to the beach or for a French tip.

Gelish and shellac aren’t damaging like acrylic and gels. I use the cotton and foil soak off method and after that you can wear your nails looking natural right after.

Many of my clients (and myself) love this product because it helps you grow your natural nail out even when they are thin and flimsy!

I can do designs, glitter, or just a glossy fun color! Come try it out, I would love to meet you!

MANICURES- $25 w/French tip $30
PEDICURES- $25 + $5 for each additional- French tip, callus remover, exfoliating scrub.