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Fun in the Sun Braid

Summer is here! Which means we want our hair out of our face most of the time. Here is a fun braid to try out. Enjoy!

Step 1:

Part hair on the side. Take about a 2-inch section. Clip the remaining hair back. Then, take about an inch section.

Blog Picture 1


Step 2:

Split section into two peices. Cross right over left and tie a knot.


Blog Picture 2


Step 3:

Next, use the clip to hold back the strand of hair on that side, and have your client hold the other strand in their hand (or clip to hold in place.) Repeat the steps for another knot.


Blog Picture 3


Step 4:

Once again, have the clip hold the back strand and your client hold the front. Repeat the steps for another knot, so now you have 3.


Blog Picture  4


Step 5:

After you have 3 knots, take the first strands of the first knot and pull them inderneath the second and third strands. Add them to your 4th knot.


Blog Picture  5

Step 6:

Continue to take the first strands underneath the next two adding them to your next knot until you are done with your braid.

Blog Picture  6




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