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Fresh Hair Color for Fall!

Fall is in the air!….. Okay, maybe not quite in Arizona, but it is September and it’s time to tone down those Summer  “sun-kissed” highlights!

 Our hair goes through a lot during those Summer months leaving our hair dry, dull and in much need of moisture. So lets go over some ideas on some great Fall colors to add contrast and let’s re-hydrate that hair!
First let’s talk about those true blondes. For you, I am not suggesting to go from blonde to brunette. You may just need re-hydrating and a nice trim to re-freshen the hair. For those of you who would  like to tone that blonde down a bit, just add a few low-lights, just one or two shades darker to add some contrast and depth. This will soften the whole look and will help those who seem “washed-out” after the Summer. At Tantrum, your professional hairstylist will help you find just the right color that will compliment your hair and skin tone to look natural and beautiful!
photo (8)
For the Brunette’s who tend to end up after Summer with those unwanted, faded out, colorless, gold tones…. Let’s add some darker low-lights, or you may even consider an overall toner. Your hair will look healthier and richer for Fall!
fall hair photo 1 IMG_1656
I would recommend finishing up with a hair masque. A great one is Moroccon Oil Repair Masque. This fabulous masque will help repair your hair from the heat, chemicals and impurities from the Summer. It will heal and hydrate your hair leaving it soft and full of shine again! You may at first like to use this twice a week for about 2 weeks. Then once a week will do the job!
 Oh and one last thing! Don’t be afraid to cut off a good inch or more to freshen up those ends! They will need it to get that healthy hair back, just in time for Fall.


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