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First Ever Haircut Raffle for Ghana

For many years I have had an idea of doing something humanitarian on a global scale.

That thought has sat at the back of my mind and popped up regularly, but I didn’t know where to begin.

This year a dear friend of mine approached me with a solution to that desire. She invited me to become a part of an organization called

World Joy is a nonprofit organization that provides clean drinking water and builds schools for villages in Ghana Africa.

My favorite things about how World Joy Works are:

  1. World Joy makes sure the village has clean drinking water first thing, by providing new clean wells.
  2. Each village takes ownership in the School. Before the school is built the villagers must clear land, prepare lumber and provide skilled laborers to receive monetary help from World Joy.
  3. The Board of Directors keeps in constant contact with the village leaders even after the completion of wells and schools.
  4. World Joy sponsors nursing school students to go to Ghana and help with medical needs on a yearly basis.

I, in connection with World Joy, am trying to help raise 35,000 to build a new school.

Mack has generously let me hold a raffle to help raise money for this cause.

Tantrum is raffling off 2 haircuts.

One Raffle will be for a haircut by the stylist of your choice (excludes Mack) and the other raffle will be for a haircut by Yours Truly Beth Jarman Master Stylist.

Each ticket/entry will be $5, all of which will go directly to world joy for our school.

Both Haircuts will include a blow-dry style. The complete package!

You may purchase as many tickets as you would like to make your chances greater.

You can either go to Tantrum to purchase one or go here

All donations are tax deductible.

Now make sure in your PayPal payment you specify that your donation is for the mesa school.

You can also donate directly from your phone by scanning this code

Please forward your receipt to along with your contact

information and which raffle you would like to be entered into.

Your forwarded receipt will be your raffle ticket.

For each $5 donated you will be entered one time.

This raffle will end on November 30,2011!

Good LUCK!!!

You can also visit this blog for other items up for auction and raffle.

Let the fun begin! Good luck! And thank you!