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Color Changes

I am one who doesn’t like change, but let’s get real… it is so fun to change your hair color! In my family you are not allowed to do anything color wise to your hair until you are 16 years old.

For the first 16 years of my life… I was stuck with your average dirty blonde, mousey color, is it light brown or dark blonde stage. You could imagine my excitement when I could get highlights!!!!!!

Yahoo!!!!! I was actually in the blonde category and so excited for myself. But it got old and it was time for a change…

Light brown anyone?? This was when people started to be able to tell me and my little sister apart. Little by little I would go a half a shade darker and stay. Then, a little darker… then…

I was a solid level 3… in the hair world, a 3 is pretty dark. I kept it this way for about 8 months and I loved it as well!! But surprise surprise, it came to the point where I wanted to be blonde again.

So, little by little we started to put highlights in. This was my least favorite stage of all… just because there were some funky colors that came up and I took forever and I am not a person that has very much patience. However…

About two years later, I was blonde again and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!! Personally, if I were to have to choose between cutting my hair or coloring it different… I would choose color. So, come in to Tantrum and start your color journey today!!!