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Archive for the ‘Hair Trends’ Category

3 Holiday Gifts for Better Looking Hair

Well, it’s the Holidays; that amazing time of year where gifts are given as well as received.What better gift to give that special someone than the gift of GREAT HAIR! If I could choose my top 3 gifts to give someone for Christmas it would be the following fantastic products.

This time of year as the weather gets dry, so can our hair. This can make everyday styling a little more difficult. Just as we use a little more moisturizer when our skin gets dry, hair needs the same kind of boost in moisture as well.My first gift to get better feeling and looking hair for the holidays would be…

The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is a great conditioning mask you can use to revitalize and hydrate dry hair, adding much needed protein and restoring the elasticity to the hair as well as shine and manageability. This mask is ideal for thick, coarse, and dry hair types, but I believe anyone with dry or damaged hair could use this even one time a week and feel their hair grow healthier! For best results, I suggest combing it through the hair then rinsing it with cool water to help close down the hair cuticle. This will trap in the moisture.

The second gift I would give to get better feeling and better looking hair would be to sustain your amazing color with…

Goldwell Color [IQ] Leave-In Treatment

The Goldwell Color [IQ] Leave-In Treatment (or what I like to call “gold in a bottle”) is a leave-in spray that is designed to take care of color treated hair by using a MULTIGLOSS SYSTEM and COLOR PROTECT COMPLEX, which means it helps seal in your color on a daily basis. This will allow your color to continue to look rich and will slow down fading. It also protects the hair with thermal protection which is great because so many of us use a lot of intense heat on our hair using blow dryers and irons; some of which can get as hot as 400 degrees. Every little bit of thermal protection helps. There are three different LEAVE–IN products, each customized to your particular hair color:

The Brilliant Color Contrast (blue bottle) is designed for hair types of multiple colors such as people who weave in more than one color.

The Deep Reflects (red bottle) is great not only for reds, but any solid dark colored hair as well.

The Bright Shine (yellow bottle) is designed for those bombshell blondes with solid blonde color.

My suggested use is, after shampooing, conditioning and towel-drying your hair, spray in the Leave-In treatment designed for your specific hair color, comb through, then style as usual.


The last gift (but certainly not the least) that I would give would be the gift of having a nice, smooth feeling hair texture.Whether your hair is flat-ironed, blown-out or curled, you can achieve this by using…

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream

The Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream is a leave-in styling cream that eliminates frizz while adding definition and brilliant shine. The pure Argan oil conditions and hydrates the hair. What I love about this product is that it smoothes hair while still allowing a variety of styling options. It also acts to push out any remaining water left on the hair, which reduces blow-dry time. I use this product, and I love that it helps my hair stay straight after smoothing out my curls, even in humid weather conditions.Anyone with curls can appreciate their hair not going frizzy as soon as a there’s a little moisture is in the air. The other great part about any of the Moroccanoil products is that they help restore your hair’s proteins, while moisture-repairing dry or damaged hair.

I hope you enjoy these amazing gifts to get better looking and better feeling hair for the holidays. They are all available at TANTRUM, along with gift certificates and other great stocking stuffers for the ones you love!


Full Hair Bow Tutorial

Skin Tones & Hair Tones

Now that we are heading into fall and winter we often like to go dark, right? Dark in the fall, and blonde in the summer! Well this fun trend unfortunately cannot work for all of us, myself being one of them! But don’t worry! There are other solutions! We are going to be talking skin tones here! What skin tones go with what color of hair tones! So hang on! I myself used to go with this trend and I had so much fun with doing it! So believe me, you can do it if you’d like, we’re just going to be talking what compliments you better than others! We all would love to know the PERFECT hair color for ourselves without having to fry our hair off! Am I right?! I know I would!

Fishtail Bun Tutorial

The way you part your hair for this braid will effect the outcome. Start at the top of your head but towards the side (of your choice) to create a pretty side part.


Hairstyles For Little Girls



Big with the 6th graders who love Hunger Games.


Hair Chalking


I want to tell you about a fun way to add temporary color to your hair. The NEW TREND is called “CHALKING”.


Product Knowledge- The Unlimitor by Goldwell

Do you have flat hair?

Or wish you could get that lift you’d like to add body to your limp, lifeless hair?

Or how about problems with static, fly-away hair, especially during those dry, winter months? (more…)

Color Changes

I am one who doesn’t like change, but let’s get real… it is so fun to change your hair color! In my family you are not allowed to do anything color wise to your hair until you are 16 years old.

For the first 16 years of my life… I was stuck with your average dirty blonde, mousey color, is it light brown or dark blonde stage. You could imagine my excitement when I could get highlights!!!!!!


Beachy Waves for Short Hair

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t have loose waves too! For me, I just cut my hair for the summer and it took me a few tries with the curling iron before I could get those PERFECT waves that didn’t look like Shirley Temple or just curled at the end.


Fishtail Bun


This fun style is created by… (more…)

The 3 Braid Bun

Hi Tantrum friends!

Are you sick of doing the same “do” everyday?

This is a great new style that is easy, fun, and very unique, especially if you have medium to long hair!
You can wear it to work, around the house, or add a hair accessory to go out on the

town for the night!

Introducing….The 3 Braid Bun

The "Fix-it" Kit for a Bad Hair Day

NOOOOOO…… not a Bad Hair Day!!!

  Ever wake up….shower ….and get to the point that all should be well? Or looking in the mirror and that face looking back at you isn’t wearing th

e style you set out to wear that day?

All you want to do is put your head under the water or go back to bed and pull the covers up over the top and give up!

The technical term for this experience is (more…)

Wedding Hair


Happy, Nervous, Excited

Those are just a few words that describe how you feel on your wedding day. I know for me, I was so excited but nervous and praying that everything went perfect for th

at special day. One thing that I know most brides want PERFECT for that day is their hair. And, Tantrum is just the place to help you.

I want to go through a few things that I did to make sure that I didn’t have to worry about the way my hair looked for my wedding day.

1) I went through blog post, hair websites, pinterest and magazines to find a couple of ideas that I wanted. This helped me to be able to know what I wanted and be able to explain to the stylist the idea of the look that I wanted.

2) You can always make a consultation appointment to talk to your stylist about what you are wanting. This will make sure that they will be able to achieve that look you are going for. Or you can make an appointment for a practice updo to make sure that it’s the perfect updo for you.

*if you are trying to acheive an updo that you may need more hair or longer hair for you can always talk to your sytlist about clip in extensions. Which is what I did to achieve the look that I wanted*


Hot……Valentine Hair!!!


There is no better time than now

to have SASSY Valentine hair for your honey!

Get sassy waves without the heat

of your blow dryer or curling iron.

All you need is an

elastic no slip hair band!!!!

Seriously! It works! I’ve tried it myself…..

To watch the “how to” video

go to

Sleep in the band all night and the next morning

you’ll have waves that will last for days…..

and the best Valentine’s day ever! (more…)

Rocker Chick By L’anza

Did you know that Tantrum is always continuing their education with the latest trends and techniques? All year round we are constantly learning different trends and techniques to better our profession in the world of hair.

This week, we were privileged to have educators from L’anza Healing Hair Care come and teach us about the latest hair colors and styles. The very own Donn Fincher, the Education and Training Manager for L’anza, was here himself to educate us.


Personally, I thought that he was absolutely fabulous. He is very knowledgeable and teaches in a way that inspires me (and the rest of the gals and guy at Tantrum) to be a better hairstylist.

We were able to do some hands-on work in learning one of the newest haircuts. It is called ROCKER CHIC!!!

Doesn’t it sound exciting already? Well…it is!


ROCKER CHIC looks like this:

Rocker Chic image curtesy of L’anza


Daring. Bold. Unexpected.

Rocker Chick embodies the free-spirited woman who creates her own fashion. She want to be noticed, but never seeks approval. Her power is independence. She relies on no one.

She is also flexible with different styles, like curls

Rocker Chic Gone Curly photo curtesy of L’anza


Isn’t it hot? I absolutely love it! My favorite part is the BANGS. They are so sassy and very trendy. I am guilty of wanting to try these bangs on myself! I just might have to try them!

In the meantime, we girls and guy at Tantrum always have a blast when you put us in a room with a few manikins, shears, and a spray bottle. A few of us may have gotten wet.

Braids Braids Braids

One of the hottest trends right now is a braid. I remember back in beauty school the day we learned how to braid, thinking “I will never have to use this technique”. Well it is a few short years later and braiding is in… and I am in love with braids! One of the reasons why I love braids is because they add great texture and a fun twist to hair styles. There are so many different ways to braid hair, which makes it so fun to incorporate braiding into any hairstyle. Here are some of my favorite braids…

Lauren Conrad- Classic Braided Bangs

Nicole Richie- Braided updos

Vanessa Hudgens- Fishtail braid

Tantrum’s favorite bang braid.
P.s. If you feel like you can’t braid or have a hard time braiding just practice, practice, practice! Practice on a friend, your mom, daughter, sister, or even a doll head. There are also great tutorials online to help get your braiding on!!! The more you do it the better you will get at it.



I have wanted to be a brunette for well… my whole life. I am what we in the biz call a level 7 and what you would call…. Dark blonde or Light brown.

Hi, I am Beth and I am an Unbrown.

Lucky me … sigh…

I suppose you are not feeling too sympathetic knowing that I work in a fabulous spot and I really should know how to take care of that situation right?

Well… I have tried. I have gone brown … DARK brown and whoa… pretty much gross. I have also tried blonde and found it is NOT for me. Don’t get me wrong I think I look amazing (wink) with a golden highlight. That my friends, is what I have stuck with for the last uhmmm maybe 18 years, give or take the few months of devastating dark and total bomb blonde.

Until… drum roll please:


A couple of months ago we were introduced to a relatively new color technique called “Ombre”.