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Fun in the Sun Braid

Summer is here! Which means we want our hair out of our face most of the time. Here is a fun braid to try out. Enjoy!

Step 1:

Part hair on the side. Take about a 2-inch section. Clip the remaining hair back. Then, take about an inch section.

Blog Picture 1 (more…)

Power Peel Microdermabrasion

The Power peel microdermabrasion is the ultimate advancement in deep exfoliation and skin conditioning. It deeply exfoliates the skin to remove dry, dull skin cells. It is the ideal treatment to have a few days before a special event for a softer, brighter more youthful complexion.
A series of microderms can be given to help reduce facial discoloration and scarring from acne.
The most common areas to treat are *face. *chest. *hands. *back
An additional benefit of the treatment is that it encourages production of collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that give skin its structure.
You are a good candidate for a microderm if you have *oily skin *blackheads *sun damage *subtle wrinkles *acne
You are not a candidate if you have undiagnosed lesions, recent herpes breakouts, warts, active rosacea, unstable diabetes and autoimmune disorders.
I love microdermabrasion! It has been used successfully since the 1980’s by doctors and estheticians and has proven its effectiveness by its longevity!
Please contact me for a consultation and let’s get you started on a wonderful skin care journey.

Calling All Shorties!

2013 Spring/Summer is calling ALL shorties!!!! Here at Tantrum we are in Love with the new shorter trend hitting Hollywood and these beautiful women. Most of them have rocked LONG hair but look at them now with the SHORT!  They look fantastic!

image image image_1 (more…)

Tantrum Goes Green!

Well not this green….

photo 1

(Tantrum Circa 1999)


Springtime Nails

Spring is my favorite time of year! It’s when everything gets brightened back up and colorful. I have some fun new nail designs to show that I have done with Gelish and Shellac polish and I do it at our salon. Right now statement nails, glitter, chevron, and polka dots are super popular. Check them out and see what you think! HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE! 🙂

photo 3 photo 4 (more…)

Two Is Better Than One!

Yes I’m talking weddings, but not grooms!  Two different bridal looks for your hair on the big day. These days many brides are breaking old traditions of not allowing the groom to see them in their wedding attire, but getting bridal wedding photos! Many couples, myself and my husband included, wanted to have our bridals done a few weeks early so we wouldn’t be super rushed on the day of the wedding, and also get a few prints to put up as decorations for the reception!  Another situation that is common is that the couple doesn’t always share a home town. So many times there may be two receptions or a reception in one town and an open house in the other town. Either way, this presents a fun opportunity to not settle for one bridal look but choose two entirely different looks!

It’s a common inner battle for many brides when it comes to choosing what to do with their hair on the big day! Some want to show the long flowing curls but also like the idea of a formal updo. Let’s face it, as we get older in life, the opportunities for super formal events requiring updos  don’t come along too often! I think it’s so fun to be albe to get the best of both worlds! Recently one of my best friends Monica was married in Utah, and was also going to be having an open house in Arizona two weeks later! Initially she said for her bridal do she wanted it all down and curled with maybe a little on top pulled back, so for the big day in Utah that’s what she had done, and she looked stunning! (more…)

Achieving Thick-Looking Hair

My hair has always been very fine.  But having 5 boys in the last 10 years has definitely taken a toll on my hair.  I have had to find products to make my hair look fuller and thicker.  Especially right after my babies were born when it was falling out like crazy.  Here are a few products that are my favorites for helping my hair look full.  

Thickening Spray

Thickening Spray (more…)

St. Patty’s Day Fun

Do you have anything fun planned for St. Patrick”s Day? If not, her are some fun ideas for you!

Start the day with some green breakfast! Use green food coloring in your milk with lucky charms or in your pancake batter…

No More Tangles!!!

After doing hair for 6 years, one hair problem that I never had to deal with before doing hair was tangles. And, doing hair you run into A LOT of tangles.

After trying many different solutions I have finally come up with my favorite 2 products that help with this problem.


Happy Valentines Day

Whether you are going out with your significant other or just girls, you have got to have a fancy, trendy, and fun hairstyle to go along with it! Here are some great tutorials to try on yourself, or even your daughters for school to add to all of the “LOVE” that will be going on tomorrow! Enjoy!

{Click on the picture to take  you to a step by step tutorial}

The Braided Headband By Cammy


Oh Beauty School

Ever since I was about 6 years old and witnessed my older sister Emily go through beauty school, I knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist. I even knew I wanted to work at Tantrum Hair Salon and assist Mack Fenn. As I graduated high school it started to become more serious for me to decide where I was going to go for my cosmetology education.
A week before I graduated high school I started working as the receptionist at Tantrum.




Post Baby Hair

After having my first baby nobody prepared me for loosing hair, you know what I’m talking about, those depressing showers where your hair comes out in clumps…
Well, I have some helpful tips!
My hair became dry, brittle, and fell out!
I have a couple tips that helped me get through those rough couple months!
My favorite was called HAIR. The label says it makes your hair shiny.. well it also helped keep my hair feeling full and thick even when I was loosing hair! These pills are good for you anyway, so take some kind of vitamin for your hair! It really does help! Take one in the morning and one at night, I swear by them.
Deep Conditioner/Good Product:
This was also my saving grace. If I didn’t use moroccan oil, I would’ve been in trouble. It built the nutrients in my hair back up and kept it smooth and I knew my hair was being taken care of 😉 Tantrum carries the moroccan oil line of products, it’s saved a lot of my clients! I love everything they have!

Avoid heat:
By this, I only mean don’t blow dry your hair. If you MUST do it at the very end for no longer than a minute! I would flat iron or curl my hair 2-3 times a week.. buns were my fav. I really avoided heat!
Keep up on trims:
I will be the first to say, seeing 1cm of hair being cut off of my hair makes me want to CRY! But I had to do this so my hair didn’t break off and actually would grow. Turns out it did 🙂 Now I keep up on them, I do “baby trims” more often so I don’t have to cut off more in the longer amount of time.


You may or may not have heard the buzz about a treatment called dermaplaning, so here’s the scoop! (more…)

Reverse Ombre

I have a sister, ( won’t name names ), who has quite a lot of grey in her hair line but also wanted a change. Grey blends in a lot better with blonde then it does with dark so for a change she asked if I would do reverse ombre on her. I was skeptical, there’s a reason it’s not popular, but she’s my sister so I eventually gave in. I forgot to take a picture of her but did my niece a week later and had her send me a few pics.

I was pleasantly surprised. What do you think?

White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn

The best thing about traditions is time spent with family. And second the good food/treats to partake in! We love candy making night. From caramels, fudge and toffee to cinnamon rolls, divinity and peppermint popcorn. This year my sister in law introduced me to this recipe and I fell in love!

White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn
2 bags popped popcorn, pick out kernels
3 drops peppermint oil
1 pkg white chocolate almond bark

Pop the 2 bags of popcorn and pick out the kernels.

Melt 1 pkg of white chocolate almond bark.

When chocolate is melted, pour 3 drops of peppermint oil and stir.

Pour peppermint chocolate over popcorn til coated.

Allow to cool on wax paper.


Stocking Stuffers!

We have a large assortment of gerber daisies, petunias, and spider daisies!

The Flower clips can be worn by themselves, on hats, or headbands.


Locks of Love

I have known my darling client Dalee well, since before she was born… I should say I have known her mother Kristin since elementary school. We grew up in the same neighborhood and I have been doing here hair for more than 19 years! Love you Kristin! Interesting fact and “its such a small world” tidbit she went to Mack (The owner of Tantrum) long before I ever knew him.

Well Dalee came to Tantrum just the other day wanting a big change and decided to donate her long tresses to “locks for love” and I was happy to assist her!

We would be happy to help you preserve your hair for donation as well. Please note that hair donated must be 10inches long in a ponytail. You can find more details by going here: (Client is required to do the mailing of hair).

The Braided Headband

The Braided Headband is a great look that you can dress up or down. You can also style it so many different ways, like keeping your hair down, wearing it with a ponytail, or putting it in a bun. I’m going to show you how to do the the braided headband with a braided bun. This is a great 5 minute hair do that’s awesome for on the go!

First, you are going to part your hair as if you were doing a half up/half down hair style and clip the top half up and out of the way for now. (more…)

All About Wax!

There are many types of waxes and I know it can be confusing but after lots of training and experience I have found that some types are better suited for different areas of the body than others. So for example my European hard wax is best for delicate areas like eyebrows, faces, lips and bikini. There is less of a tug with the hard wax and leaves no residue. My azulene wax is best for less delicate areas like arms, legs, chest and back. It is also great for sensitivity but covers broader areas of the body.

It is always advisable for the hair to be grown out 1/4 to 1/2 inch long or 3-4 weeks (whichever comes first) to get the skin as smooth as possible. Always consult with your aesthetician if you are using or taking any acne medication or using creams for acne or anti-aging. They sometimes have ingredients in them that will make the skin sensitive to the wax and could result in scarring. These medications may include Retinol, retin-a, acutane or any words that end with acid such as glycolic acid, lactic acid etc…Also do not suntan before a wax or do any exfoliation. (more…)

How to get a FULL Side Braid

Check out a few tricks to create a fuller,

thicker looking side BRAID!!