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1466218_10152838873262889_138909953447421402_n 10486134_10152838873337889_1885326242514269962_n


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Come in today and check out all of the other products and we will guide you to picking out the perfect gift for someone!

The 40’s Have Not Been Good To Me!

The Forties Have Not Been Good To Me!


The last couple of years my hair has changed completely!  I watch the same type of change happen to my clients sometimes in their 40’s, sometimes 50’s and even as late as 70’s… I have witnessed hair changing from smooth and manageable to crazy, curly and even frizzy in a matter of a short time in several of my clients this past year.   Sometimes we end up utilizing a flat iron… Sometimes a curling iron… But every single time it’s a matter of adjusting/adding products used in the hair….


This happens to be my favorite cocktail that I use almost daily in my own hair to tame the mess shown above… I use about half-and-half, worked through root to end and voila!!!


Each head of hair requires a little different mix…but what I know is some form of a leave-in moisture cream, no matter what style is desired has to be used!
Each of our stylists here at Tantrum Hair Salon are skilled in customizing a prescription to tame, manage and beautify your hair too!
I am not sure if it is age, hormones, thyroid sometimes, or just natures’ practical joke that causes such mind boggling texture change but what I know is if I can still enjoy my hair… So can you!

Hair Tragedy Tuesday!

I’ve decided to create a new hashtag theme. You have your #mcm, Man Crush Monday. Your #wcw, Woman Crush Wednesday. As well as #tbt, Throwback Thursday. Well, I’m starting #HTT, Hair Tragedy Tuesday.


We all have them. A bad hair day, an awful haircut or a trendy hairstyle done on an monumental day in your life that you look back at and think, what the heck was I thinking. I have come to find that a bad hair day or a bad hair memory is always made better through laughter. What isn’t, really? Therefore, I say we share the hilarity. We look back or look currently at either our own, or someone else’s hair tragedy  and laugh.

I’ll start things off by sharing my favorite, really bad hair decision.

This is my Sister in law.



Gorgeous, right.

On her wedding day, I was tasked with doing her wedding updo. At the time, there was a hairstyle that was popular and considered very cute. She wanted it kept out of her face so I decided it was the perfect do for her big day. I’m pretty sure this was before I started working at tantrum and while I was in hair school. That is no excuse. I should have known better. I should have stuck to something timeless. Alas, I did none of those things. So, here it is, my #htt


Corn rows my friends, I give you wedding day corn rows! Of course she is still gorgeous but all I see is corn rows. Everytime I see these wedding photos, I giggle to myself and then want to apologize for doing this hairstyle on her wedding day.


Margaret, if you are reading this, I apologize for your wedding day corn rows. Even though we both thought they were awesome at the time. And for using you for a blog post without asking. Love you!


So, tantrum readers, this tuesday I look forward to your #HairTragedyTuesday posts. We can all laugh together. Don’t forget to tag @tantrumhairsalon, hashtag Tantrumhairsalon and #htt.


Summer Hair

Get summer hair with three simple products! 

First shampoo with Bumble and bumble Surf foam wash shampoo and follow up with Surf creme rinse conditioner. These products give your hair buoyant body and a soft sea breezy texture.


Next, towel dry your hair and spray Bumble and bumble Surf spray lightly throughout your hair. Let your hair dry naturally or blow dry with a diffuser! Surf spray is salt-infused and will give your hair a windswept, beachy texture.

image (1)

Extra tip: Once your hair is dry, spray your hair lightly one last time to add extra volume and texture!

Sothys Plant-Inspired Cleansers and Lotions


This week re-invent your beauty routine with Sothys plant-inspired cleansers & lotions. An effective & customized solution for every skin type. 

Also, while the sun is out, bright and ready to burn, here’s a reminder about SUNSCREEN, the do’s, the don’ts, and some great tips!

Call our guest coordinator’s today to make an appointment with me to try out these awesome products.


Summer Time Hair Care

Well, it’s that time of year where most of us are spending lots of time in the pool just trying to keep cool in this summer heat. Unfortunately, chlorine can do a real number on your hair, like turning blonde hair green or even stripping away beautiful reds. We want to give you a few ideas on doing your best to reduce the amount of chlorine absorption, as well as a few remedies you can use to restore those healthy, shiny, pleasant smelling beautiful locks.

BEFORE the pool:

Here are a few things you can do before getting in the pool to prevent chlorine build up and keep that beautiful hair color looking its best!

1. Get your hair completely wet before getting in the pool. If you are able to apply conditioner first, that’s even better. Hair is like a sponge, so if you are able to wet and condition your hair first, it will absorb the clean water and conditioner and less of the chlorine.

2. If you are someone who is in the pool on a regular basis or for an extended period of time (i.e.- swim or dive team), wear a swimming cap! Again if you get your hair wet and condition before hand, it’s even better for the hair.

3. If you know you’re going to be spending all day in the sun and/or pool, try to rinse or wash your hair between swimming sessions. It is actually the copper content in most pool chlorines that causes the reaction in the hair, turning it green and stripping or fading out hair color. Sitting in the sun bakes this into the hair, increasing the strength of the copper and making it harder to remove.

4. Wear a hat and keep the hair covered and dry.

 REMOVING chlorine:

Here are a few healthy at home remedies you can use to remove chlorine from the hair and skin.

1. For the average swimmer, showering, washing and conditioning the hair immediately after swimming will be an effective way to prevent and remove chlorine build up. It’s even more effective to use a specific shampoo designed for swimmers available at Tantrum Hair Salon, such as Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo. Chlorine dehydrates the hair, so always follow up with a great combination of shampoo and conditioner. Combing the conditioner throughout the hair helps the hair to absorb the conditioner more effectively, while rinsing with cool water helps to close the hair down and trap in that amazing moisture.


2. For the swimmer who spends quite a bit of time in the pool and ends up with more severe chlorine build up, apply a vitamin C solution. Since chlorine is an oxidant that reacts with the hair and skin, it can be difficult to remove with simple shampooing and conditioning.

Vitamin C crystals like those found in the Malibu Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner set are very inexpensive.


When using the Malibu Crystals, follow the simple instructions on the packet. If you pick up the crystals in another form – for example, from a health and wellness store – you will dissolve one teaspoon of the Vitamin C crystals into a one-pint spray bottle or a regular size shampoo bottle. Thoroughly apply the solution to the hair, then wash well and rinse or bathe as usual. You will know it worked well if you can no longer smell the chlorine.

3. Baking Soda Solution:  A baking soda solution is great, not only for removing chlorine build-up, but also for other chemicals found in the hard water we have here in Arizona.

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water, or enough to make a paste. Apply thoroughly to your hair and wash. Your hair may feel slimy, but this is actually how you will know it’s working. Rinse out the paste completely, then follow up with a regular shampoo and deep conditioner.

4. If your blonde hair has already turned that weird shade of light green, Tomato Paste is a great way to remove it.

Wash your hair with shampoo as you normally would, then apply a good amount of tomato paste to the hair. Use as much as you need to cover your amount of length and thickness. Comb it through your hair and let it set for 30 min. Then wash the hair thoroughly and deep condition.


Trying these methods along with a great, healthy hair cut from Tantrum Hair Salon will help keep that beautiful head of hair in good shape while you are keeping cool in the pool this summer!

Summer Hairstyles for 2014

Fishtail Milkmaid Braids
Sissy Sissy2
Step 1 : Start with your hair brushed out. Clean or Dirty
Step 2 : Divide your hair into 2 braids, secured with a clear elastic.
Carefully cut the elastic off at the start of your braid and pull on your braid for more of a messy look.
Step 3 : Pull one braid over to the other ear and secure with a bobby pin.
Step 4 : Pull the second braid over the first one pulling the ends towards the back of head. Secure with a bobby pin.
Step 5 : Tuck in your ends under each braid and secure.
Add more pins if it feels loose and hairspray!
Headband Tuck
 Brynkli Brynkli2
This is super simple, you can do it in literally a couple minutes when you have no time to get ready.
Step 1 : Start by placing an elastic headband over top of your hair.
Step 2 : Begin tucking your hair into your headband by coming from the outside of your headband and tucking down inside.
Step 3 : I like to work with the hair by the front of my face first and move to the back.
Step 4 : Take the rest of your hair in smallish sections and keep tucking over and down behind your headband. The messier it is, the more natural and easy it will look!
Tug the crown of your head out a bit if needed, and spray with hairspray!

Get Ready for Summer!

It’s that time of year, again! In the heat of the Arizona sun, your hair may take an extra beating! Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to protect your hair this summer.

1. Be Pro-Active!

Whether you blow-dry your hair, air-dry it, curl it or straighten it, your hair needs to be protected! If you’re not a product-kind-of-gal then you need Goldwell Color Serum Spray. We carry all different varieties of the Serum Spray that meet the needs for blonde/highlighted, colored, fine, or thick hair. Simply shake the bottle to activate the ingredients, and spray all over DAMP hair! It smells wonderful, helps to detangle, and adds extra shine! And who doesn’t want all that?

2. Go Short!

…Everyone is doing it, so should you! Seriously though, I am seeing women and girls left and right with CHOPPPED hair! It’s very tempting when it looks so cute for the summer! Here’s one that I did last week!




IMG_20140418_085032 IMG_20140418_085038


Isn’t it fun? Definitely makes me want to go short!

Even if you aren’t ready for a short do, GET A TRIM…even if it’s 1/4 inch! Your hair will thank you for it later when it’s hot! And believe me when I say, if you don’t get it trimmed/cut, it will start doing it on it’s own. I’ve seen that a lot and it is not pretty! Depending on your hair texture and type of chemicals put on it, I recommend getting a trim every 6-10 weeks.

3. Powder Up!

Not on your face…on your HAIR! If you sweat a lot, (and those days are coming quick!) a good way to camoflauge those greasy, wet roots is with Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder!


Come in and we’ll spray a little on your scalp so that you know which color is best for your hair! AND…you can see if you like to feel and texture!


I have blonde hair and  I use the white powder on day two or three of no washing. It is amazing! Just spray at the roots, give your scalp a little massage (if you’re like me and sweaty…I usually run the blowdryer through it for a few minutes) and you have fresh, dry hair! It’s like magic 🙂

I hope these tips and tricks help you out this Summer! What are some other tricks that help you get through the Arizona Summer Heat?

3 Holiday Gifts for Better Looking Hair

Well, it’s the Holidays; that amazing time of year where gifts are given as well as received.What better gift to give that special someone than the gift of GREAT HAIR! If I could choose my top 3 gifts to give someone for Christmas it would be the following fantastic products.

This time of year as the weather gets dry, so can our hair. This can make everyday styling a little more difficult. Just as we use a little more moisturizer when our skin gets dry, hair needs the same kind of boost in moisture as well.My first gift to get better feeling and looking hair for the holidays would be…

The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is a great conditioning mask you can use to revitalize and hydrate dry hair, adding much needed protein and restoring the elasticity to the hair as well as shine and manageability. This mask is ideal for thick, coarse, and dry hair types, but I believe anyone with dry or damaged hair could use this even one time a week and feel their hair grow healthier! For best results, I suggest combing it through the hair then rinsing it with cool water to help close down the hair cuticle. This will trap in the moisture.

The second gift I would give to get better feeling and better looking hair would be to sustain your amazing color with…

Goldwell Color [IQ] Leave-In Treatment

The Goldwell Color [IQ] Leave-In Treatment (or what I like to call “gold in a bottle”) is a leave-in spray that is designed to take care of color treated hair by using a MULTIGLOSS SYSTEM and COLOR PROTECT COMPLEX, which means it helps seal in your color on a daily basis. This will allow your color to continue to look rich and will slow down fading. It also protects the hair with thermal protection which is great because so many of us use a lot of intense heat on our hair using blow dryers and irons; some of which can get as hot as 400 degrees. Every little bit of thermal protection helps. There are three different LEAVE–IN products, each customized to your particular hair color:

The Brilliant Color Contrast (blue bottle) is designed for hair types of multiple colors such as people who weave in more than one color.

The Deep Reflects (red bottle) is great not only for reds, but any solid dark colored hair as well.

The Bright Shine (yellow bottle) is designed for those bombshell blondes with solid blonde color.

My suggested use is, after shampooing, conditioning and towel-drying your hair, spray in the Leave-In treatment designed for your specific hair color, comb through, then style as usual.


The last gift (but certainly not the least) that I would give would be the gift of having a nice, smooth feeling hair texture.Whether your hair is flat-ironed, blown-out or curled, you can achieve this by using…

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream

The Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream is a leave-in styling cream that eliminates frizz while adding definition and brilliant shine. The pure Argan oil conditions and hydrates the hair. What I love about this product is that it smoothes hair while still allowing a variety of styling options. It also acts to push out any remaining water left on the hair, which reduces blow-dry time. I use this product, and I love that it helps my hair stay straight after smoothing out my curls, even in humid weather conditions.Anyone with curls can appreciate their hair not going frizzy as soon as a there’s a little moisture is in the air. The other great part about any of the Moroccanoil products is that they help restore your hair’s proteins, while moisture-repairing dry or damaged hair.

I hope you enjoy these amazing gifts to get better looking and better feeling hair for the holidays. They are all available at TANTRUM, along with gift certificates and other great stocking stuffers for the ones you love!


How to Get Rid of That Static

Well it’s that time of year again, the warm smell of pumpkin spice in the air and the hustle and bustle of the holiday is coming, and of course dealing with STATIC HAIR. This time of the year the most common question I am asked when my clients sit in my chair is “How do i get rid of the static in my hair and what causes it?”

This time of year, the air is extra dry and we also have the heat on in the house and in the car which sucks all the moisture out of the air. This dryness is the cause of static in the hair.

Here are a few tips to help calm down your DO.

* MOISTURIZE – this is the time of year to maybe switch to a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It’s also a good idea to stretch a little longer in-between washes.

* HUMIDIFIER- not only is it good for sinus issues but for your hair as well. Running a humidifier in your room helps replace the moisture that running the heat sucks out of the air.

* AIR DRY – if you are able to let the hair air dry then style as needed once its dry it will lessen the static

* COMB WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS- switch to a natural bristle brush, and rubber or metal combs during the winter months and avoid plastic brushes or combs because they cause an electrical charge causing static. You can also spray an anti-static spray (same for use on clothes, or even hairspray) on your brush before brushing.

* USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS- Using an oil, pomade, mouse, or styling lotion in the hair for styling, it will help knock down the static.

* SPRAY BOTTLE- after styling if there is still some static you can use a spritz of water to calm the hair back down.

*HAIR SPRAY- always finish any style with hairspray to help stop the static

* DRYER SHEETS- yep that’s right! Regular old dryer sheets from the laundry room. You can use them to just glide along the hair and you can even keep some in your purse for later use.

* SILK PILLOW CASE- using a silk pillow case will help continue to fight static from coming back while you’re sleeping.
I hope these tips help you knock out static in your hair this winter and remember the biggest contributor to static hair is LACK OF MOISTURE so remember to MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE!!

Wedding Tips

They say when  you marry in June, you’re a bride ALL your Life… and a bride-groom who marries in June, gets a sweetheart for a wife! ~Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


This June, I helped my baby sister (who also happens to be one of our most favorite receptionist of all time) get ready for her wedding. It was a shabby-chic, vintage party and it was so fun.  I love this little girl so very much!


I was the wedding coordinator so I had my hand in everything, but of course the most important was the hair!


Some things to think about when getting your hair done for your wedding.


How many appointments will you need?

Often a bride will want to have a practice go for the actual wedding.  This makes you feel more secure and confident that you and your stylist are on the same page.  Are you having bridal portraits before the wedding? And of course on the day of.



Be realistic about your expectations

NO TWO STYLES (even if on the same head done by the same stylist) will ever be exactly the same.  For Lydia’s wedding we had 2 sets of bridal portraits prior to the wedding and the wedding day itself. We decided to change up the style slightly so we wouldn’t have to worry about it being exactly the same every time.  This was easier on her stylist and it was fun to try variations of the same kind of style.





Have you done your research?

PINTEREST ladies! Check out all the styles you love pin them on Pinterest, and bring them to your stylist!  Bring in things you love and things you are not so fond of. Letting your stylist know what you don’t like will help them avoid those elements.


Even though this day is all about you, your stylist has other appointments…

Often Brides run late, I am positive that normally you are an “on time” kind of gal… but rest assured it happens. Now I don’t want to discourage you, but your stylist NEEDS ALL the time they have allotted to do you hair. You do not want your stylist to be rushed on your special day.


Do you want to have your photographer on site when your bridal party is at the salon?

Make sure you check with your stylist, this is rarely a problem, but let your stylist know that you are planning to have a large party with paparazzi. We need a little prep time too.



I absolutely love weddings and wedding days.  I am always so thrilled to share in this lovely day with the happy bride.

New Headband Tutorial

Here’s a super easy 5 step tutorial on how I made this headband! All you need is some jersey cotton fabric (you can use an old T-shirt) and a needle and thread just to sew the ends together or you can use a hot glue gun


The Clean Hair Sweep!

Is your Hair feeling yucky and needs a boost?
 Are you a product junky?
 When you shampoo your hair does it still seem to never get clean?
I have a solution for you……Its called the Clean Hair SWEEP!
First you want to start with Bumble and Bumble SUNDAY Shampoo. Its a clarifying shampoo and cleans all the build up and junk you might be saving in your hair from product or even from being outdoors. It make your hair SQUEEKY clean….literally!
In the same shampoo cycle (right after you use the Sunday Shampoo) bust out your “oh so FAVORITE B&B Gentle Shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner and wash with both products as normally used.
 images (1)
Your hair with feel rejuvenated and clean and moisturized
When using the Sunday shampoo you do not want to use it for an every day shampoo. It will strip all your natural oils from your hair and leave it feeling really dry and frizzy and lots of static. A good way to use this product is once a week or even every two to three weeks depending on your hair type. It also depends on how much product, like hair spray or muse or palm made (or any other heavy products) you use on your hair.
But as far as the B&B gentle shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner goes, you can use it as your regular everyday (we prefer washing every other day or every 3 days) Shampoo combo. It’s a fantastic product that is gentle and rich (hence the name) on your hair.
Your hair should be rejuvenated and feeling so fresh and so clean!

Eyelash Extensions

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with bright eyes or go through the day without mascara running off their lashes? Whether you’re going for a natural look or a more dramatic one, eyelash extensions are a great option! Here are some eyelash extension FAQ’s that could help you decide if they’re right for you!

What are eyelash extensions?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes that are applied individually to each natural lash. In addition to darkening the lash line, eyelash extensions add thickness and length.

What is the eyelash extension procedure like?

Applying eyelash extensions is done intricately to each individual lash.  It is not painful and should not cause any irritation whatsoever. The application is relaxing as you are comfortably reclined and it is done with your eyes closed. An initial full set can take anywhere from 2-2.5 hours, depending on the amount of natural lashes present. Regular fills are done in 2 week, 3 week and 4 week increments and take 1-1.5 hours.

How long will my lashes last?

Due to the natural lash cycle, eyelash extensions should be filled every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking full and beautiful. Eyelash extensions heavily depend on how well you take care of and maintain your lashes at home.

How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

– Don’t get them wet for the first 24-48 hours after application

– Don’t use any cosmetics or makeup remover that contains oil

– Don’t use an eyelash curler (you will not need one anyways!)

– Don’t pull on your lashes, the less you touch them the longer they’ll last!

– Do wash your lashes with a gentle soap 3-4 times a week

– Do brush your lashes with the provided lash brush to keep them well groomed



Full Set- $120

2 week fill- $50

3 week fill- $55

4 week fill- $60

Any fill after 4 weeks requires a new full set.


Fresh Hair Color for Fall!

Fall is in the air!….. Okay, maybe not quite in Arizona, but it is September and it’s time to tone down those Summer  “sun-kissed” highlights!

 Our hair goes through a lot during those Summer months leaving our hair dry, dull and in much need of moisture. So lets go over some ideas on some great Fall colors to add contrast and let’s re-hydrate that hair!
First let’s talk about those true blondes. For you, I am not suggesting to go from blonde to brunette. You may just need re-hydrating and a nice trim to re-freshen the hair. For those of you who would  like to tone that blonde down a bit, just add a few low-lights, just one or two shades darker to add some contrast and depth. This will soften the whole look and will help those who seem “washed-out” after the Summer. At Tantrum, your professional hairstylist will help you find just the right color that will compliment your hair and skin tone to look natural and beautiful!
photo (8)
For the Brunette’s who tend to end up after Summer with those unwanted, faded out, colorless, gold tones…. Let’s add some darker low-lights, or you may even consider an overall toner. Your hair will look healthier and richer for Fall!
fall hair photo 1 IMG_1656
I would recommend finishing up with a hair masque. A great one is Moroccon Oil Repair Masque. This fabulous masque will help repair your hair from the heat, chemicals and impurities from the Summer. It will heal and hydrate your hair leaving it soft and full of shine again! You may at first like to use this twice a week for about 2 weeks. Then once a week will do the job!
 Oh and one last thing! Don’t be afraid to cut off a good inch or more to freshen up those ends! They will need it to get that healthy hair back, just in time for Fall.

Product Review: Moroccan Oil

Do you have fine fragile natural or color treated hair?

YOU should try the MOROCCAN OIL hair line.

My daughter, Sara,  is a natural level 6 light brown hair color but she wanted it all blonde. Her hair is fragile and we would for sure have to keep it short. She started using the MOROCCAN OIL REPAIR SHAMPOO and the STRUCTURE MASK and her hair feels great and is getting longer and in excellent shape for totally bleached blonde hair…… You should try it, it’s AMAZING!!!!

For more information about Moroccan oil read this post or this post


Are You Ready for a Corrective Color?

There are many times where we get clients who want to make a dramatic change to their hair. If you have ever wondered about making a change, well, you can…but it takes a certain process. Here are some things to remember if you are ready for a change with your hair color:

1. Is your hair in the right condition?

2. Are you willing to do 3-5 different processes to get it to where you want to be?

3. Are you willing to do it as a slow progression?

4. And, are you willing to buy the necessary products to keep your hair in good condition?

5. Are you willing to be patient, and keep trying different process to get your desired results?

All of these questions can be discussed with your hair stylist to determine if you are eligible for what we call, Corrective Color.

Corrective Color is not a “one-process” color like highlights, or an all-over brown color. It is a process that may take up to 5 hours in one day or a bunch of small processes that can take up to a year.

I have a great example of a Corrective Color that I did on my client recently.

She does have fine hair, but we have been coloring it black for at least 4 years, so there is no underlying damage from it being previously bleached/permed/chemically straightened or anything like that. Our end goal, with her color, is to get to be pretty blonde. (more…)

Summer is here…Don’t be GREEN!!!

Summer means lots of swimming and time at the beach.

Malibu Swimmers Wellness shampoo and conditioner are great! I don’t go through a summer without it.


These products cleanse the hair and protect it from damage caused by pool chemicals and sea salt.

These chemicals and minerals can discolor hair causing it to look green, cause breakage, and make it feel gummy and crunchy.

My girls are avid swimmers in the summer! They have never had green hair or damage done by all these pool chemicals and minerals as long as I use Malibu after they swim.


I love this product and recommend it to help you stay GREEN-free all summer long.

Product Knowledge: L’Anza’s BUNGEE

As a hairstylist, I am often asked, “What can I use to add more texture to my short hair?” I have several clients with short hair where they want it to look more sassy and not like a “mom do”.
When I put L’Anza’s Bungee in their hair, they cant believe how it changes the whole look!
Bungee adds texture and creates an elasticity to the hair to move it wherever your heart desires. It pieces out the hair to look modern and updated! You can use this on all hair types and it even has a UV protector.
Just apply  about a dime-size of Bungee to your palm. Rub hands together and run fingers through the hair. Then use your fingers to mold hair where you’d like it! Fast and easy!
The pictures below show the before and after shots. First, of the hair just dried with a blow dryer, no product. The second, with Llanza’s Bungee applied to the hair. Note: There is no curling iron needed to get this look. It’s all about using the right products!
2013-05-22 12.52.29

The Valentine Vibe

Now that you’ve got yourself pampered and ready for your romantic evening, lets help out your Loverboy!

n: center;”>He refuses to use any of your product because it smells too girly or it makes his hair feel greasy.

Well here are some answers to his and your prayers both.

First he needs to get rid of those white flakes!
Bumble and Bumble Tonic shampoo is the best product for this.
This daily favorite has Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint extracts to soothe the scalp, balance oil, stimulate circulation, and leave the scalp tingling & hair soft & shiny.
Once he’s got that taken care of, help him resemble your favorite hotty on television.
To achieve the “finished” Matt Damon look use:
Goldwell Dualsenses Power Gel Strong hold gel for all hairtypes
To achieve the “messy” Brad Pitt look use:
Bumble and Bumble Sumotech
Perfect molding wax
Now go enjoy a night out on the town with you and Mr. Handsome!
Happy Valentine’s Week!!